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We offer access to after action reports and operational records from all branches of the U.S. Military. Our expert research specialists are on site at U.S. archival research facilities which hold the after action reports, unit and ship histories, journals, war diaries, and maps of combat units. This includes after action reports, war diaries, command reports, mission reports and war journals of the Army, Air Corps, Marine Corps and Navy. After action reports and operational records are important because they allow us to gain insight into the combat experiences of military units during the war. After action reports show us what was transpiring on a large scale during the war and include vital information about daily activity and battles that the veterans in each unit experienced. Let us help you to locate the after action reports for your  veteran’s unit or ship so that you can better understand their combat experiences during the war.

The Ordering Process

Our research specialists are physically on-site at archival research facilities nationwide and can locate and scan the after action reports that you need. When we have completed your project we send an invoice to your email address. Once the invoice is paid the after action reports are sent to your email address where you can view them right away. Our service is lightning fast, simple and convenient. In almost every case we are actually faster and cheaper than ordering  after action reports, unit histories and operational records directly from the government. We tailor each research project to your specific needs and can provide you with unparalleled access to military records held at every archival facility across the nation. Please fill out an order form below to request the after action reports for your veteran’s military unit. Click on the images below to view examples of after action reports/operational records we have scanned at the National Archives.

Please note: Some over-sized operational records may need to be digitally photographed rather than scanned.

How much do after action reports cost?

Pricing depends on your specific research needs. Since each research project is different we ask that you tell us about your research needs so that we can present you with a plan for researching your military unit’s after action reports and operational records. Once your inquiry is received we will respond promptly with a price estimate for your specific after action reports project. Below are some examples of the after action reports/operational records we have scanned at the National Archives.

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