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We offer access to after action reports and operational records from all branches of the U.S. Military. Our expert research specialists are on site at U.S. archival research facilities which hold the operational records of your veteran’s military unit or vessel and can assist you in locating the military action reports you are seeking. Let us help you to locate the after action reports for your  veteran’s unit or ship so that you can better understand their combat experiences during the war. 

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Pricing For After Action Reports (AAR)

Pricing depends on your specific research needs. Since each research project is different we ask that you tell us about your research needs so that we can present you with a plan for researching your military unit’s after action reports and operational records. Once your inquiry is received we will respond promptly with a price estimate for your specific after action reports project. Below are some examples of the after action reports/operational records we have scanned at the National Archives.

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