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This World War I (WWI WW1) database lists the names of individual veterans from various branches of the US military including Army, Air Service, Navy, and Marine Corps. The database includes the names, birth dates, service numbers, dates of service, casualty and unit information of the WWI veterans that we have researched at the National Archives. Search or browse our archive below for the military records of your individual WWI veteran. 

We are continually adding information and photographs of WWI veterans to the database. Links (in red) will lead to online digital images of the selected veteran.  All of the WWI military service data on this page is public information that we have worked to provide free of charge for genealogists, family historians and the general public. 

You may submit a request for military records through our website for any soldier, including those that are not on this list.  

To submit a research request for a veteran please click here: research a WWI veteran