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Request a World War I (WWI WW1) Veteran's Military Records

Our military records specialists are on-site at archival repositories nationwide and can access the WWI military service records or your veteran. We provide digital scans of the original military service records of your WWI veteran and can customize our research process to your specific needs. While WWI U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel records from WWI are complete, many WWI Army records from the Great War were damaged in the 1973 National Archives fire. We can help you to understand the experiences of a WWI veteran even if their military records were lost in the fire.  

Trace the Service of Your World War I Veteran

Discover your WWI veteran’s exact campaign, battle and combat participation ( WWI Army, Navy, Marines)

See exactly when your WWI soldier, sailor or marine joined and left specific military units-or naval vessels.

Access WWI enlistment records, draft records, discharge papers, service numbers, promotions, training, ranks, and military duties.

Learn when and where your AEF veteran was wounded in action. Some WWI records may even show eye-witness accounts of casualties.

Find out whether your WWI veteran was awarded medals for battlefield heroism or for wounds received in action.  

Explore regimental histories, soldier rosters, morning reports, and  reports of casualties to better understand the combat experiences of your WWI veteran

Discover unknown details about your veteran’s family: civilian occupations, correspondence, addresses, photographs (WWI US Marines) and family name changes. 

Locate elusive vital records: death, XC and C files, birth, military dependency, marriage and divorce records often included among WWI military personnel records.

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