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Request a Korean War Veteran's Military Records

Our expert research specialists are on-site at archival research facilities nationwide and can access your Korean War veteran’s military service records. Our unique research process is essential to understanding the experiences of individual military veterans of the Korean War since the vast majority of Korean War Army personnel records were lost in the 1973 National Archives fire (Korean era Coast Guard, Navy and Marine military personnel service records were not lost in the fire). Our expertise enables us to reconstruct the service history of your individual Korean War veteran and to give you a glimpse of the experiences that he or she had during the war-even if their military service records were lost in the 1973 fire.

Trace the Military Service of Your Korean War Veteran

Discover the battles and combat operations your Army, Navy or Marine Corps veteran took part in. We can determine the exact aerial missions that your individual Air Force veteran flew.

 Understand where your Korean War veteran was stationed and what they were doing throughout their military service. 

Access Korean War personnel records including your veteran’s enlistment records, draft records, discharge papers, service numbers, promotions, military training, ranks, military duties and photographs.

Learn when and where a Korean War veteran was wounded or killed in action (we can often show you exactly how a veteran was wounded or killed in action).

Find out whether your Korean War veteran was awarded valor medals for battlefield heroism or for wounds received in action.  

Explore Korean War operational combat and casualty records to understand the battlefield experiences of your veteran and their military unit. 

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