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This Korean War database lists the names of individual veterans from all branches of the US military including Army, Army Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Maritime service. The Korean War database includes the names, birth, service numbers, dates of service, casualty and unit information for the Korean War veterans that we have researched at the National Archives. Search or browse our archive below for the military records of your individual Korean War veteran. 

We are continually adding information and photographs of Korean War veterans to the database. Links will lead to online digital images of the selected veteran. All of the military service data on this page is public information that we have worked to provide free of charge for genealogists, historians and the general public. 

You may submit a request for military records through our website for any soldier, including those that are not on this list. 

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AhlstrandLawrence William6481119US NavyBlimp Sqdn 141923SDWWII Korea01/13/194210/04/1951Airship Rigger
AkunaJames Kaaha10734709ARMYCo A 5th Inf Regt and 84th Airborne1929HIWWII Korea Vietnam02/04/194707/31/1973
AlbertJohn Stewart665823US Marine Corps5th Marine Regiment D Co 2nd Battalion1927MAWWII Korea08/11/1948KIA08/08/1950
KIA August 1950 Chin Dong Ni
AlbertRussell Adrian Alger665825US Marine Corps24th Marine Infantry Division1931MAKorea11/01/194810/11/1951
Wounded Seoul Korea Sept 1950
AlmondCraven PoeT185159O534946Army Air Corps US Air Force3310th Tech Tng Wg 10th AF 61st Fighter Interceptor Sq1918WWII KoreaFlight Instructor
AndersonEmmet DouglasO299265US NavyMCB 18 (13-11)WWII Korea Vietnam06/09/194201/30/1969American Campaign Medal
AnsehlHarry Philip502745O37869US Coast GuardUSS Cambria1915MOWWII Korea12/16/194111/21/1951Coast Guard Academy
AntesHubert Earl Jr1182978US Marine Corps7th Marines Wpns Co 1st Bn 1931PAKorea03/20/1951KIA05/28/1952
KIA May 1952 Changhwa Dong
AshleyCarl Edgar6665866ARMYBattery B 91st Armored FA Bn 1920
Interim WWII Korea Vietnam
09/25/193908/22/1963Non Contiguous service
AtkinsJames Jr2352605US NavyAttack Sq 941929NYWWII Korea10/02/194303/29/1950Aerographers Mate
AuerbachLeon Henry Jr O393172US NavyCASU 691921MNWWII Korea06/01/194201/18/1954Reserve 1946-1954
Aughey Robert Maurice34180US Marine Corps 8th Marine Corps Replacement Depot1919NJWWII Korea01/11/194403/01/1959
Captain Officer Reinforcements
August John Allen52101879ARMYUnassigned1928Korea03/13/195103/12/195309/03/1959
August John Christiano 13479786US Air Force 1935PAKorea08/24/195306/30/1956
BalliettLetson SamuelO116564US NavyUSS Hancock USS TiconderagaWWII Korea Vietnam06/02/194106/30/1961Pilot Torpedo Bomber
BancroftWayne Eugene7572315US NavyPatrol Forty Seven1925ILWWII Korea10/18/1943KIA12/26/1952Plane Crash
BarnesJoe E54013946ARMY23rd Inf Regt 2nd Inf Div 1931Korea07/18/1952
BeckerPaul Joseph1191505US Marine Corps7th Marines Weapons Co 1st Bn 1930KSKorea03/28/195103/27/1954
Wpns Co 2nd Bn 9th Marines
BeelmanThomas L17278150ARMYCo L 31st Inf Regt1931Korea12/31/1953Chosin
Bell Robert A D224503O9268US Marine Corps1st AAA AW Battalion H S Battery1911TNWWII Korea01/14/194911/02/1951FMF Camp Pendleton
BeltzFrankey Dean26343583ARMYCo L 23rd Inf Regt1933Korea05/18/1951
BernardWilliam Alexander6127514US NavyNS Oran Algeria USS Missouri1919MOWWII Korea09/11/194208/31/1951CCC Service
BlancoRalph E 3804768O198455US NavyUSS Arizona USS LST 3561907CAInterim WWII Korea02/19/192605/31/1956D-Day Invasion
BolducWilliam Frederick1074256US Marine Corps5th Marine Regiment Co C 1st Battalion1929MEKorea08/04/1948KIA10/30/1953
604 Machine Gun Crew KIA MIA
BolonLogan ArthurO96515US NavyUSS LST 2661920IA WWII Korea07/01/194006/30/1950
Pearl Harbor Attack & D Day
BoothPaul Edward 52090297ARMYUnassigned1929Korea03/13/195104/13/1953
BornJohn Delmer3026138US NavyFirst Marine Division Reinforced1930ILKorea06/07/194806/06/1952
Punch Bowl Hwachon Resevoir
BorowiecStanley Thomas353877US Marine Corps2nd Batt Service Co Quantico Virginia 1915MIWWII Korea01/12/194210/12/1953
Service Bn 1st Training Regiment
BraswellRoy6307963US NavyCASU 151922ARWWII Korea11/02/194201/17/1952Plane Capt F6F
Brewer Clarence Mccullen 1312389US Marine Corps 1st MTB 1st Marine Division 1933KYKorea05/23/195205/22/1960
Mechanic Topographical Co
BromleyJack Bernard516403US Marine Corps1st Combat Service Battalion1923CAWWII Korea12/11/194208/03/1951Infantry Training Messman
BrownBenjamin Burton16250855ARMYB-53 RT BN RTG1930WWII KOREA05/27/194701/09/1957
BrownBenjamin Burton13496769ARMY1934WVKorea08/27/195406/25/1955
BuhkFrancis Max20935US Marine Corps Marine Fighting Squadron 113 1919NEWWII Korea04/21/194211/01/1957
VMTB 232 US Marine Corps Pilot
BuhneingErnest Charles 2932235US NavyUSS LST 3071926INWWII Korea09/11/194309/08/1950WIA 06/15/1944
BumpGlenn Allan17609415ARMY1930WIKorea09/10/195106/16/1953
Bumpas Earl Gerald16290785ARMYCo C 23rd Inf Regt 1931Korea09/26/1950POW
BurgessWilbur McClellan251916US Marine Corps2nd Regiment Marines D Co 2nd Batt1916MDWWII Korea03/16/193607/27/1950
Navy Cross Tarawa Gilbert Is
BurnsRobert Bruce 320147US Marine Corps 2nd Marine Air Wing Signal Group1918ARKorea09/30/194112/18/1955H&HS 27 MWSG 27 MAG
ByfieldElton Elmer1414395US Marine Corps1936KSKorea09/01/195301/10/1958
ByfieldErnest19507872US Air Force1937CAKorea08/30/195403/01/1956
CampanaVictor Woodrow6189951O23975ARMY1917
Interim WWII Korea Vietnam
07/01/1936 06/11/194106/30/1937 07/31/1961
CampbellDale F 15501196ARMY1932Korea09/10/195308/21/1956
CamperlinoAlbert Robert7113610US NavyUSS St Croix1925PAWWII Korea03/04/194312/15/1951Electricians Mate
CarlisleJohn Kenneth830289US Marine Corps6th Marine Regiment C Company 1924CAWWII Korea05/25/194306/30/1951Machine Gun School
CarterJohn Silvie198280O5167US Marine CorpsMAG 21 VMR 353 VMR 3521904ALInterim WWII Korea01/13/192611/30/1955Nicaragua Medal of Merit
CarterWilliam AllenO97635US NavyUSS Roche DE1971919DEWWII Korea Vietnam12/18/194104/00/195809/11/2010Armed Guard
ChamblissJesse Royce3807462US NavyFirst Defense Bn Fleet Marine Wake Island1912CAInterim WWII Korea07/22/193008/01/1957POW Japan 44 months
ClareyJohn Charles 20708079O2055099ARMYCo D 135th Inf Regt1921WWII Korea Vietnam02/10/1941 02/22/195203/25/1946 01/31/1963
ClarkOttis Anthony232065US Marine Corps26th Marine Regiment 5th Div H S1912GAInterim WWII Korea06/30/194301/31/1953
HQ Co 5th MarDiv 060 Cook
ClemonsJack Wilton54110241ARMY1933TXKorea04/01/195307/03/1956
CoeRobert Madison7585347US NavyUSS Merrimack USS Eaton1925WVWWII Korea02/16/194303/24/1954Courts Martial
ColeWilliamO81694US NavyPatrol Bombing Squadron 73 and 1041915Interim WWII Korea07/15/193803/01/1961Iceland Air Detachment
ColemanMalcolm Hunter6440947US NavyUSS LSM 3421917MSWWII Korea Vietnam12/13/194112/01/197102/12/1973
ConteRocco Joseph7620944US NavyUSS Lunga Point1925MAKorea07/08/194303/03/1952AMM 2/c
CotterJohn JosephO332515US NavyLST 626 LST 2451922NYWWII Korea11/10/194209/01/1955
First Lieutenant Commanding Officer
CowmanQuentin Rice9227174O376841US NavyUSS Bucyrus Victory (AKE234)1913OHWWII Korea11/08/194304/09/1946Damage Control Officer
CoynePatrick Joseph Jr7107942 12301220US NavyUS NavyTS Great Lakes IL 1926WWII Korea02/25/1943 04/20/194803/13/1946 03/26/1952
V6 AS US NavyT Co 265-43
Creelman Herbert James1417853US Marine Corps 5th Marine Regiment 1st Division Korea Vietnam11/18/195411/17/1962Fire Team Leader BAR man
CrumpRobert Lee28157US Marine Corps VMF 322 Fighting Squadron 322Korea Vietnam11/24/194204/20/1946
3rd Marine Air Wing Parachute
CulbertsonCharles Allen4232693US NavyAir Transport Squadron 81933TXKorea04/16/195104/15/1955Target Guidance
CurranJohn Gordon568852US Marine Corps1930Korea07/09/195312/09/195602/16/1965Billings MT
Daniels John Alfred224135US Marine Corps 1st Division AA Machine Gun Battery1912MAInterim WWII Korea10/11/192907/31/1955
4th Marines HQ 1st Battalion
DarlingJames Edward2019994US NavyUtility Sqdn 91924MAWWII Korea08/14/194108/04/1955Naval Aviation
DavisLowell LeonO98558US NavyFAW-5 VR-3 VP-81 VP-84WWII Korea12/21/194004/30/1961Distinguished Flying Cross
DeLongHarold ThomasRA15269477ARMYCo B 19th Inf Regt1930Korea08/22/1950Photos
DeMottRobert Emil2259230US NavyUSS Mullany (DD-528)1928NYWWII Korea11/07/194504/22/1952Fire Fighters School
DethmanRobert AllenO30271US Marine CorpsHQ Company 5th Marine Division1917ORWWII Korea07/29/1943
Co E Inf Bn TCCE 26th Marines
DewberryJulian Warren53024647ARMY1929Korea12/04/1950
DoubliskyAnthony32155328US Air ForceHQ & HQ Sq 4925th Special Weapons Group1911Korea07/01/1951
DugganRalph WendellO180049US NavyUSS Leonard Wood1909TNWWII Korea Vietnam03/23/193810/30/1960Reserve 1945-1960
DurdanJohn Albert31398384ARMY1915WWII Korea08/27/194312/31/195311/10/1954
DuttonHoward Lee548130US Marine CorpsAssault Service Company FMF1926ORWWII Korea02/16/194411/18/1951HQ Sq 1st Marine Air Wing
DyerBradford MayoO106072US NavyVPB-731914MAWWII Korea Vietnam02/17/194103/31/1964Flight Instructor
Easley Ira DavidO77869US NavyUSS LST 3881905SCInterim WWII Korea11/14/192402/28/1955Carpenter
EchardRobert Le Roy13039262ARMYCo G 147th Inf1923WWII KOREA VIETNAM06/27/1938 12/13/194110/26/1945 05/30/1962
ElbingRaymond HenryO225928US NavyAmphib Plymouth England1918MIWWII Korea12/06/194210/15/1954
US NavyAB11 France Port Director School
ElliotHoward Dale Jr112338US Marine Corps11th Marine Regiment M Battery 1924VAKorea06/28/195006/30/1951
Inchon Seoul Chosin Truck Driver
Ellison (Sherwood)
Bobby Leon aka Robert Leon
28150354ARMYCo K 29th Inf Regt1932Korea07/27/1950
Erdeski Donald Joseph4362873US NavyNTC Bainbridge Island1932MAKorea02/19/195210/13/1953United Nations Service
EshlemanReinald Arthur871081US Marine Corps3rd Marine Regiment Company B 1924ORWWII Korea07/14/194311/10/1951
4th Howitzer Battalion 105MM
EvansLawrence1370540US Marine Corps 3rd Division Service Company Hq Bn1934VAKorea06/26/195301/29/1959Air Station Pensacola
Evans Roy Daniel1111295US Marine CorpsVMF 531 MABS 24 MAG 241932VAKorea01/30/195003/11/19525th Engineer Company
EvansThomas Sidney6590726US NavySupreme Allied Command Atlantic1919VAWWII Korea Vietnam09/30/194202/02/196807/31/2005Sr US Liason Officer Italy
FairbanksRussell NormanO40747 O423690ARMYFA Harvard University ROTC1919WWII KOREA VIETNAM10/03/194105/30/1962
FallonMerritt Dayton2281189US NavyUSS Puffer1905NJInterim WWII Korea04/10/192403/01/1954Torpedoman Submariner
FanjulJoe 9891660US Marine Corps7th Marine Regiment 3rd Battalion 1930OHKorea12/26/195010/11/1954Corspman Medic Heroism
FaquinLouis Keith Jr 6042508O188503US NavyLST 3751919TNWWII Korea02/11/194210/01/1956D Day Beach Landing
FauxFrederick JohnO175106US NavyMedical Corps & Task Force 1221910PAWWII Korea08/04/194211/01/1953
D Day Beach Landing-Evac Control
FinkFrederic Strong JrO97714US NavyUSS Bell (DD-587)WWII Korea08/30/194007/01/1967Truk Attack
FinleyCarl Earnest899527US Marine CorpsHQ Company 8th Engineer Battalion1925GAWWII Korea12/14/195001/01/1952Truck Driver Saw Mill Engr
Fitzgerald William T Jr8981359US NavyUSS Boxer (CV-21)1930NYWWII Korea03/17/194706/12/1952China Service Medal
Flanagan Robert Joseph1393222US Marine Corps MABS 31 MAG 31 MACS 8Korea09/20/195412/11/19562nd Marine Air Wing
FletcherClaude Ernest 3509278 197928US Navy1901Interim WWII Korea06/02/192001/01/195010/22/1967
FloodDavid Roger1064189US Marine Corps5th Marine Regiment I Company 1931WIKorea08/21/1950KIA11/28/1950
Wonsen Hungnam Chosin Died
FoxJames Mathew32188340ARMYHQ Battery FA TNG Det #21920WWII Korea01/06/194210/26/1966
FreeseFrederick Michael7872856US NavyUSS Ajax USS Daniel A Joy1928MNWWII Korea07/12/194510/05/1953China Service Medal
FrostJohn Theodore7180932US NavyNAS Barber's Pt1929NJWWII Korea09/19/194709/15/1951Weather Observer
FurlowLuther Covington Jr18140167O764279Army Air Corps392nd Sq 30th Bomb Gr 7th AF 326th Bomb Sq 15th AF 1922WWII Korea
GallagherJames FrancisO554169US NavyUSS Argonaut1923NYWWII Korea Vietnam12/07/194211/17/1971Naval Intelligence
GardnerGrover JO429581Army Air Corps8th Ftr Sq 49th Ftr Gr 394th Ftr Sq 367th Ftr Gr 70th W 9th AF 1914WWII KoreaAustralia
GarriepyFremond Wilfred20144005ARMYService Co 103rd Inf 43rd Div1921WWII Korea02/24/194101/08/1951
Gemelli Bernard Natale6463537US NavyUS NavyR NTS Newport RI1922WWII Korea Vietnam01/08/1942 11/26/195811/24/1961AS
GentryDenver Ray6318322US NavyUSS Gen William Mitchell1928ARWWII Korea05/17/194704/23/1952Organized Surface Division
GeyerJames A O418129Army Air Corps89th Bomb Sq 5th AF 13th Bomb Sq 3rd Bomb Gr1920WWII Korea
GibbsHarry Dean475756US Marine CorpsVMSB 343 3MAW Air Group 341922OHWWII Korea08/08/194207/23/1952
Scout Bombing Squadron 343
GlassWilbur Scott5714555US NavyUS NavyTC Great Lakes IL1929WWII KOREA08/03/1948 11/06/195008/02/1949 11/14/1952SR Co 300
GloverElgin Neil19345862ARMYUSAF1932Korea03/24/195103/23/1955
GobertWilliam L1083255US Marine Corps2nd Marine Division Hq and Service1930PAKorea09/01/194808/01/1952
Scout Seoul Wonsam Chosin
GoldsmithArthur L 51289709ARMY1931Korea01/21/195412/20/1955
GowinElry Edward2863078US NavyVN-18 A VF-191927OHWWII Korea09/22/194509/01/1952All Weather Flight School
GrabowskiJerome 17145239O842212Army Air Corps US Air Force1st TCG Prov 5th AF 84th TC Sq 5th AF 6147th TC Gr 5th AF 435th Ftr Bomb Sq 9th AF 1925WWII Korea
GrahamRichard Martin7022043O423419US NavyUSS Chief1924MIWWII Korea11/06/1942 03/08/194503/08/1945 10/05/1959Japanese Occupation
GranitoPasquale Joseph553909US Marine Corps7th US Marine Corps AAA Battalion 1926NYWWII Korea11/17/194309/10/1952Palau Group Pelelieu Guam
GrathamShelby18303194Army Air Force6167th Base Serv Sq 1929LAKorea02/07/1954
GreenWilliam Joseph1618121US NavyUSS Borie1897NJWWI Interim WWII Korea05/24/1918 11/21/1940 11/10/194209/19/1919 09/03/1945 09/01/195702/22/1967Navigator Gunnery Off
GriderTom Turner5696429US NavyUSS Chemung1930TXKorea08/07/195006/18/1954Courts Martial
GriffenCharles Emmett39473181ARMYUnasssigned1926WWII Korea03/31/1944 10/16/194705/14/1946 01/03/1953
GrimsleyClarence Warren6296617Army Air Corps39th Tech School Sq1918WWII Korea11/00/193906/27/1960
GuessAndrew Jackson Jr2962097US NavyUSS Rich USS Conway (DD507)1927TNWWII Korea Vietnam03/29/194409/28/1949Also Air Force
HagertyEdward Duane39168725O743239 US Air Force701st Sq 445th Gr 8th AF 3rd Rescue Sq MATS Flt D 3rd ARS MATS1919COWWII KoreaKIA01/31/1951
HammRobert Edward8543009US NavyUSS Prairie1921ILWWII Korea09/02/194311/06/1950Asiatic Pacific
HamrickJohn Forrest49258US Marine Corps Naval Station Treasure Island1918OKWWII Korea10/15/1936KIA09/25/1950
Killed Inchon Korean Sniper Fire
HansonJames Christy288976US Coast Guard1931Korea01/22/1951SR
HanwayWilliam Claude Jr O149634US NavyLST 3601910MDWWII Korea07/27/194212/01/1953Omaha Beach & Anzio
HardwickeJohn Hart Jr 20408390O1541860ARMYMed Det 113th FA 1917WWII Korea09/16/1940 10/17/1942 12/10/194809/00/1942 11/00/1945 07/13/195405/13/1957
HarmonRobert Johnstone1177729US Marine CorpsMilitary Police Company 1st Division1931NYKorea02/09/195107/12/1953Inchon Korea 2nd Winter
HarperFloyd Glenn564650US Marine Corps28th Marine Regiment 8th Marines1926MDWWII Korea03/27/194410/06/1951Kyushu Japan Occupation
HasemeyerRobert Louis6103876O189630US NavyUSS LST 3071919ILWWII Korea01/15/194208/09/1956Gunnery Officer
HelmsDonnie Paul3443923US Navy124th NCB Alaska1929MOWWII Korea06/05/194603/24/1953Coxswain
HensleyCarl Clinton14155469ARMYRC Fort McPherson GA 1928WWII Korea11/20/1945 01/12/195111/09/1948 01/11/1955
HighJoseph Maxwell810504US Marine Corps 6th Regiment H&S Company 2nd Div1924SCWWII Korea01/19/194309/10/1952
Weapons Company 1st Battalion
HinkleThornton Mills 5359US Marine Corps 2nd Engineer Battalion Company D1914OHWWII Korea06/12/193607/31/1956
Intelligence Censor 2nd Division
HoffmanNorman CuttenO73126US NavyUSS Baker (DE-190)Interim WWII Korea05/19/1934 11/19/195107/07/1946 01/29/1961Legion of Merit
HoganGerald Griffin O116740US NavyVF-74 USS Card1918WWII Korea03/05/193810/15/195401/11/1989
Distinguished Flying Cross Also US Marine Corps service
HolderWilliam ThomasO22773US Marine Corps24th Marine Regiment F Company 1922ILWWII KoreaHQ Company 20th Marines
Holmes Raymond Earle1034184US Marine Corps18th Engineer Company US Marine CorpsR1931MEWWII Korea11/18/194809/10/1952Basic Marine Training
HolsingerJack Oliver667679US Marine Corps 2nd Engineer Bn Service Company 1929AZKorea04/06/194804/05/1952
1st Combined Service Group
Horn Edward Joseph 400002US Marine Corps 22nd Regiment E Company 2nd BnWWII Korea05/18/194212/01/1958Machine Gun Crewman 604
HouseLamoyne8532957US NavyUSS LST 6561911ARWWII Korea Vietnam07/10/194300/00/197201/15/1972Naval Recruiting
HudsonRaymond Lanier2676434O203964US NavySubmarine Squadron 5 Sub Div 511905GAInterim WWII Korea08/08/192309/01/195303/31/1972
HughesCharles Patrick243143US Marine Corps1st Tank Battalion Company A 1917IAWWII Korea06/19/1941
Company G 7th Marine Regt
HurleyCharles Gordon630266US Marine Corps2nd Tank Battalion Company B1929MAWWII Korea09/03/194609/16/1951Tank Crewman 736
HutchinsCharles HarrisO77037US NavyUSS Borie (DD215)Interim WWII Korea07/04/193607/15/1954Commander Minesweeper
InmanJohn Grant56139723ARMY1936Korea10/21/195408/16/1956
IrishDonald Wilson3207055O350176US NavyUSS Bolivar1909CAInterim WWII Korea08/26/192707/01/1957Also Natl Guard MN
JacobsonHerman Hymie9012879US NavyFleet Sonar School UNS Key West FL1920NYKorea Vietnam11/22/1949DEATH07/15/1963GSW
JacquemotGeorge AlexanderO167417US NavyUSS LST 3561904NJWWII Korea07/01/194201/01/1954Lt Commander
JeglinskiJulian Robert1116082ARMYSMS 141931WWII Korea10/17/194701/30/1953
JensenGrant L O742428US Air Force345th Bomb Sq 15th AF 1920WWII KoreaKorea
JohnsonAlbert Perry3606082US NavyUSS LCT(16)1925LAWWII Korea07/23/194202/02/195011/19/1957Enl Army at time of death
JohnsonRay WO127386US NavyUSS LubbockWWII Korea03/20/194207/15/1954Navy Expert Rifleman
JokerstWilfred Joseph37416950ARMYRC #1772 Jefferson Barracks MO 1923WWII Korea02/15/1943 09/25/195010/25/1945
JokerstWilliam G 55466668ARMY1933Korea08/11/195408/16/1956
JonesWilliam Glenn2081203US Navy1st Marine Div 2nd Bn Fifth Marines1933PAKorea01/11/1951KIA03/27/1953KIA at Camp Lee Korea
KaiserRaymond Thomas204110US Marine CorpsH S Company 9th Marine Regiment1907NJWWII Korea01/25/192607/01/1953
China 10th Artillery 13th Btry
KalashDean Richard 5534253US NavyUSS Exploit1933MNKorea03/05/195303/04/1961QM3
Kane Charles Joseph1224670US Marine Corps5th Training Battalion 1930ILKorea09/26/195109/16/1953
1st Infantry Training Battalion
KendallWilliam Joseph6065536US Navy2nd Beach Bn1919MAWWII Korea04/06/194204/17/1952Normandy Beach Landing
KielarFrank Joseph 55074540ARMYRCT 1928Korea12/12/195011/25/1952
KilduffWilliam James Jr 20100738US Air Force2715th Ammo Supply Sq TAMA1914WWII Korea01/10/1959
KileyDavid Thomas11021007Army Air Corps63rd Bomb Sq (H)1913WWII Korea10/03/1940 11/02/1945 01/02/195509/14/1949 09/16/1952 10/31/1960
KinneyBobby Edward1312977US Marine Corps 10th Marines L Battery 4th BattalionKorea Vietnam03/12/195203/11/1960
12th Marines Joined Transfer
KittrellJohn Bryant JrO43960US Marine CorpsHQ Replacement Marianas Area1923NCWWII Korea03/14/194506/11/1952
21st Marines 3rd Divsiion US Marine Corps
KnackErnest Louis1022334US NavyUSS Tennessee USS Georgia1888MI
Pre 1917 WWI Interim WWII Korea
08/28/190606/01/193501/02/1964Constantinople Turkey
KraftLeo John37784274ARMYBattery A AAA 187th Abn Rct Artillery1926NDWWII Korea05/31/1951
KregerLewis Steven13509024US Air Force1935VAKorea10/20/195407/27/1956
KremerElmer Michael6131781US NavyConstruction Bn Maintenance Unit #6171922KYWWII Korea11/11/194205/17/1951Hardship discharge
KroetzRudolph HenryO118821US NavySubic Bay US NavyB #3002WIWWII Korea05/16/194107/01/1961Armed Guard & Gunner
LangRobert JohnO355767US NavyUSS Haven (AH-12)1918WWII Korea03/16/193709/30/1957China Service Medal
LassThomas Frank322625US Marine Corps 2nd Regiment E Company 2nd Battalion1923CAWWII Korea09/23/194109/22/1945
Wounded July 1944 Solomons
LauritzenRalph Leland 17301579US Air Force1928Korea01/00/195110/09/1954
LawlerHugh Vincent Jr480721US Marine Corps2nd Pioneer Battalion B Company 1922ILWWII Korea11/04/194808/05/1951
American Campaign Kyushu
LeaCharles RussellO135191US NavyUSS LST 360 LST Group Thirteen1898NYWWI Interim WWII Korea07/15/1918 03/12/1942 09/30/1921 11/09/1953 Also NY National Guard
LeeRobert Garrison7162723US NavyUSS Botetourt1927NYWWII Korea03/29/194507/14/1954Storekeeper 3/c
LeekMyron Hewlett1039262US Marine CorpsWeapons Training Battalion PISC1927PAWWII Korea05/11/194508/21/1951Field Radio Operator
LemkeCarl Edwin19424294ARMY1933Korea09/13/195109/12/1954
LennigGeorge BirminghamO79916US Navy12th Naval DistrictWWII Korea11/19/193912/01/1953
Soviet Order of the Red Star
LentzGeorge MalcolmO293255ARMY1910Interim WWII Korea2/14/1932 7/31/19461/24/1946 11/26/195707/13/1965
LeonardRobert Frank391526O39578US Marine Corps1st Marine Regiment HQ Co 1st Bn1922CAWWII Korea07/05/194406/21/1952Russell Isalnds Tanku China
LombardJohn ArcherO96347US NavyUSS San Francisco1918OHWWII Korea07/23/194005/31/195209/16/1982
WIA 11/12/1942 Solomon Isl
LovetteBraxton6849509ARMYBattery F 17th FA 1917WWII Korea Vietnam10/30/1940 7/22/195705/31/1960
LowWilliam WayneO227852US NavyLSM Squadron One1919WAWWII Korea11/03/194204/18/1956LST Flotilla command
LucyJames Edward 14394719ARMY1934Korea03/15/195103/15/1955
LynchThomas Eugene52106018ARMY1928Korea03/07/195103/06/1953
MacDougallWarren James 31467951 W2006158O2020447ARMYUnassigned1914WWII KOREA05/23/1944 09/05/195012/09/1945
MakinenGeorge Adolph2831401US NavyMTB Sqdn 181918OHInterim WWII Korea07/18/193509/30/1956
CQM Research & Development
MarkhamJames Brette2718037US NavyLST Commander & USS Henderson1901ALInterim WWII Korea11/21/1924 09/16/193901/15/1938 09/24/1951Also US Marine Corps
MaynardAlbertO97698US NavyUSS Manlove (DE-36)WWII Korea09/21/194010/15/1954Silver Star
McAleer Francis Raymond2563390US NavyUSS Ellet1921PAInterim WWII Korea12/12/193901/11/1946USAR to 1975
McAndrewThomas Joseph52213631ARMYUnassigned1931Korea10/20/195209/22/1954
McCarthyRobert Joseph2265321US NavyUSS Ard 171929NYWWII Korea02/25/194612/22/1952Seaman 2/c
McCloskeyJohn18159732ARMYFort Sill OK 1913WWII Korea Vietnam07/24/194204/01/196405/27/1968
McClungWorth Dix Jr6180161US NavyUSS Portland1915WVWWII Korea09/26/194101/23/1952
Battle of Savo Island & Midway
McDanielJames Bowler6034066US Navy4th Medical Bn FMF 1911DCWWII Korea08/12/194208/20/1952
Unit Citation 4th Service Bn
McMillinCharles Louis7261396US NavyWaipio Amphibious Base1924ILWWII Korea11/25/194206/17/1950
Chief Motor Machinist's Mate
MeierPaul1095506US Marine CorpsHeadquarters 7th Marine Regiment1930OKKorea10/12/194808/29/1952Rifleman 745 Basic 521
MetzgerWilliam Charles1101516US Marine Corps 11th Marines Battery D 2nd Battalion1932NJKorea08/08/1949KIA11/28/1950KIA Korea GSW Hagaru Ri
MillerBenjamin H 53205738ARMY1933NCKorea07/29/195307/28/1955
Antonio 30432117ARMYCo E 65th Infantry Regt 2nd Inf Div1924Korea06/04/1951
MitzelEdmund Lee1115176US Marine Corps11th Engineer Battalion A Company 1933MDKorea05/09/19501st Ordnance Co Disposal
MontgomeryAlvin Lee5554789US NavyUSS Shelton (DD-790)1933MTKorea05/03/195109/23/1952United Nations Service
MooreChaunceyO57823US NavyUSS Honolulu1898INWWI Interim WWII Korea05/15/191706/30/1953At Pearl Harbor
MorganGeorge David7317157O407077US NavyVF-100 & VF-331924PAWWII Korea11/02/194207/17/1959Naval Aviation
MorganJunius Spencer IIIO12737US Navy3rd Naval District1892NYWWI Interim WWII Korea04/07/1917 04/04/192112/13/1918 08/01/195210/19/1960OSS Naval Liason
MuddEdward WilkinsonO360915US NavyLCS(L)161923ALWWII Korea12/05/194212/08/1953Okinawa Campaign
MuhlbachRobert Charles 308248US Marine CorpsFirst Guard Company DC1922NYWWII Korea04/04/194106/23/1952Naval Gun Factory DC
Murphree (Craven)
William Bernard (aka Howard Richard)
334972US Marine CorpsUS Marine Corps Korean 1917TNWWII Korea11/02/1953Genova Conv Identification
MurphyEdward Philip1477409US Marine CorpsGeneva Convention Korea09/09/1954
Qualified US Marine Corps Swimmer
MurphyRichard James809901US Marine Corps2nd Marine Service Battalion1925WIWWII Korea01/29/194312/16/1951Iwo Jima V Corps Fortress
NeighborsErnest Leonard Jr2720701O416182US NavyUSS Wickes USS Northampton1916ALInterim WWII Korea07/09/193403/01/1958Kurile Island Bombardment
NemesJoseph Frank3318293US NavyUSS Hamul (AD-20)1928MOKorea02/07/195012/24/1953United Nations Service
NisbetRobert A O154842US NavySS Wallace PrattWWII Korea06/15/1942 03/26/195112/13/1945 07/16/1953Armed Guard
NixonJames Allen Jr446807US Marine CorpsMarine Air Group 22 HQ Sqdn1922MTWWII Korea10/20/194209/10/1952Air Group Operations NCO
NormanDalton Eugene1019329US Marine Corps1st Division Marines Service Battalion1927WVWWII Korea07/02/194807/31/1951
Wounded in Action Seoul Korea
NormanThomas Elbert3243610ARMY1932Korea04/28/195207/10/1956
NortonGeorge James 3373940US NavyUSS Brooks BremertonILWWII Korea09/24/194004/01/196004/28/1971Silver Star
OdenVelton1169950US Marine Corps 1st Combat Service Group HQ Company1932TXKorea02/27/195102/26/1954
United Nations Service Medal
OhrenJoseph Albert26342366ARMY1931Korea11/07/195110/02/1953
OldingJohn Edward52143579ARMY1929Korea03/08/195102/19/1953Also Navy
OldingJohn Edward3263240US NavyUSS Missouri1929KYKorea09/04/194703/07/1951Also ARMY
OlriksonJohn Edward519260US Marine CorpsHQ Co 1st Battalion 2nd Marines1925MNWWII Korea12/15/194202/15/1946Wounded May 1945
OlsenOscar Harold3931833O396456US NavyUSS Piedmont1916ORInterim WWII Korea08/13/193508/01/1956China Service Medal
OsengaPerry Stanley3353003US NavyUSS Goss1930MNKorea09/11/195007/13/1954BM3
PadwaMaurice Anthony1071406US Marine Corps 2nd Regiment Marines H&S Company 1931NYKorea07/12/1948KIA03/13/1953
KIA with HQ 1st Engineers Korea
PalekaLeonard Kaleoiki50003600ARMY1931HIKorea10/09/195109/21/1953
PalmerJohn FranklinO390390 AO54820 12986AArmy Air Force US Air Force403rd Sq 43rd Bomb Gr (H) 5th AF HQ AF Flt Test Cen1919WWII Korea
Fatal Air to Ground Accident 10/3/1951
ParkerMelvin Bryan643534US Marine CorpsMarine Corps Supply Depot1928ALKorea12/03/1946KIA09/20/1950
Tractor Equipment Operator
ParrisStanford ElmerAO2209296US Air Force8th Ftr Bmr Sq 5th AF 307th Strat Ftr Sq 31st Strat Ftr W1929Korea
PateLouis Edmond8642007US NavyGreat Lakes IL 1918INWWII Korea06/27/194706/29/1951Dependency Discharge
PaulkEllis TylerO8806US Marine CorpsHQ Company 1st Marines1920GAWWII Korea05/04/193902/04/1946Special Services Officer
PerdueRobert EarlAO2216817US Air Force4th Ftr Intcp Gr 5th AF 336th Ftr Intcp Sq 5th AF 1928Korea
PetersonDel Ray HomerO27424US Marine CorpsVMSB 141 MBDAG 411919MNWWII Korea07/07/1943
USS Seafliers Gasoline Officer
PetersonMaynard H5812076US NavyUSS Frontier (AD-25)1928NDWWII Korea09/12/194504/11/1949China Service Medal
PettengillJerry Marvin3729490US NavyUSS Philippine Sea (CVA 47)1931IA Korea02/17/194802/15/195203/26/2002Fighter Squadron 112
PhillipsCharles Cecil6671244US NavyUSS Bryce Canyon1926CAWWII Korea06/03/194306/13/1952Deck Force
PittsRufus Elmore1345534 RA14266106ARMY1929FLWWII Korea09/18/1947 11/18/195211/21/1951 04/30/1953
PizzettaHarold Edward6440460US NavyHQ 15th ND Balboa Canal Zone1920LAWWII Korea09/20/194105/15/1952Communications Tech
PlatznerSanford ReganO249188US Navy3rd Naval District1922NYWWII Korea03/03/194310/22/1958Merchant Marine
PoetWilliam Daniel919104US Marine Corps2nd Ordnance Battalion 2nd Division1921PAWWII Korea11/23/194310/01/1952
Weapons Repair Shop Mech
PowellGeorge Washington2717557US NavyUSS Kingfisher1902ALInterim WWII Korea09/29/192309/01/1952Commissary
PrettymanWilliam Eugene4118837O216646US NavyUS NavyRAB MN VR2 NATS1919MNWWII Korea03/06/1942 11/19/194211/18/1942 11/20/1945Navigation Instructor
Quesenberry Herschel Ray254302US Marine Corps Marine Scouting Squadron 1 VMS 1WWII Korea Vietnam08/05/193608/31/1966
MAG 3 Third Marine Air Wing
Charles Fenton Mercer Spotswood
O57158US NavyAdvanced Amph Base, Plymouth1899VAInterim WWII Korea06/03/192106/30/1952
Military Sea Transport Service
RadekeKenneth Earl37609506US Air Force1917WWII Korea12/06/195011/16/1942Enlistment Past 1950
RamseyEdward Andrew16336078ARMYHQ 3rd Armored Div Fort Knox KY1932Korea08/22/195008/24/1953
RandallKeith Wayne323418US Marine Corps17th Replacement Battalion1924IAWWII Korea09/19/194109/16/19509th Defense Battalion
RandallWaldo Barnes2018983US NavyFirst Marine Division Reinforced1924MAWWII Korea02/21/194102/29/1952Hospital Corpsman
Rasmussen Orville Truman7253299US NavyUS NavyR1922WWII Korea12/01/195010/17/1942 11/11/1952SR
ReavisArthur6683544US Air Force1906Interim WWII Korea10/21/192512/04/1958
ReddingClyde 345206US Marine Corps3rd US Marine Corps Barrage Balloon Squadron1919KYWWII Korea01/04/194201/09/1946
7th Artillery Battalion Marines
ReedLawrence Alfred3880439US NavyUSS George Clymer (APA-27)1929CAWWII Korea09/03/194809/02/1952
Bremerton WA Pacific Reserve Fleet
RoadyJohn McKinleyO909054Army Air ForceSec B 2522nd AAF Base Unit 32nd W FTC HQ Sq 11th AF Air Force Instrument School TU 132.4.1 ARDC 1903WWII Korea
RobbinsLeamon Eric894285US Marine Corps1st US Marine Corps Tank Battalion Company A1925TNWWII Korea10/02/194302/16/1946
Tank Battalion Training Center
RobinsonRichard Law316432US Marine CorpsVMSB 241 Scout Bombing Sqdn1922OHWWII Korea08/08/194105/13/1947
Scout Bombing Squadron 941
RobyRobert Warren636310US Marine CorpsHQ 5th Marine Regiment 1928MIWWII Korea06/19/194705/18/1950
1st Provisional Marine Brigade
RogersJoseph William9805US Marine Corps 4th Staff Group Grnd US Marine CorpsR Phila PAWWII Korea Vietnam 04/04/194206/01/19643rd Marines Tutuila Guam
RosenfieldTheodore SolO195667US NavyCommander Armed Guard Unit1909ILWWII Korea Vietnam10/05/194207/01/1962Reserve 1945 to 1962
RossElmer Earl3204974US NavyUSS Holland1903IA Interim WWII Korea05/26/192207/01/1957Submarine Combat
RosswurmStanley Joseph2943487US Navy53rd Naval Construction Bn1927INWWII Korea06/20/194507/31/1951Asiatic Pacific Area
RourkeBernard 12387745US Air Force1933Korea07/18/195107/17/1955
RourkeBernard J 51287516ARMY1935KOREA11/24/195310/27/1955Possibly Navy
RowlandJoseph Richard 52110190ARMY1929Korea03/14/195112/13/1952
RowswellDaniel Norman Jr1081136US Marine CorpsElectronic Technicians School1931PAKorea09/05/195004/03/1952Radio Repair Man
RushClarence Wilbert571016US Marine Corps4th Marine Training Battalion 1927PAWWII Korea11/06/194411/22/195120MM Gun Crewman
SalgueroManuel Maria170653O36122US Marine Corps11th Marine Artillery Battery G 1902
Puerto Rico
Interim WWII Korea11/18/1938 10/19/194908/09/1946 11/30/1950
Courier Laboratory Assistant
SaroyanSimon SaroyanO587992US NavyUS NavyH Oakland CA1923MexicoKorea07/01/195310/14/1956Anesthesiologist
SchretzenmairAlphonse Augustus52102417ARMY1929Korea03/20/1951
SchubertCecil Troy19135594O754554Army Air Corps115th Liason 1st Liason HQ AAFIBT W 10th AF 1923WWII KoreaBurma
SeneseRalph Patrick954185US Marine Corps3rd Battalion 24th Marines1920NYWWII Korea05/17/194408/24/1945WIA February 1945
SessionsWilliam A O60924US NavyUSS RepublicWWI Interim WWII Korea04/14/191711/21/1957Legion of Merit
SharpJimmie Ray3479859US NavyUS Sub Base Pearl Harbor #1281931ARKorea05/02/195003/03/1954Also Arkansas Natl Gd
ShelleyRichard Dale386853O40242US Marine Corps27th Marine Regiment 3rd Battalion1922ILWWII Korea07/26/1944
USS Clermont USS Starlight
ShortRobert Louis2854957US NavyUSS LCI(L) 624 USS Macon1926OHWWII Korea10/18/194307/30/1954USS Orestes Rescue Op
SiegelEugene Allen 8513US Marine Corps 2nd Amphibious Tractor Battalion B CoWWII Korea Vietnam06/22/194201/31/1968
Tinian Okinawa Gilberts Saipan
SilvaFrancis30112448ARMY13th Repl Depot 1924WWII Korea09/18/1944 03/20/195304/17/1959
SkrmettiThomas John499644US Marine Corps1st Marine Field Artillery Battalion1926MSWWII Korea05/23/194510/02/1950Raider Battalion Training
Smail George Melvin31316352ARMYUnassigned1923WWII Korea02/23/1943 09/29/195005/29/1946
SmallWilliam James Jr 11211087 O3026315ARMY1931Korea11/01/1950 04/28/195404/27/1957
SmithArthur Lewis318874US Marine CorpsCompany E 2nd Medical Battalion1920ALWWII Korea08/22/194110/10/1945
Ordnance Co 2nd Service Bn
SmithDavid Floyd Jr547173US Marine Corps6th JASCO 6th Mar Div Signal Co1926TXWWII Korea02/15/194410/01/1951Transient Center Marianas
SmithEugene861311US Marine Corps10th Marine Depot Company1923ALWWII Korea05/26/194312/27/1945LST 123
SmithLonnie Clifford943378US Marine CorpsH S Company 5th Engineer Battalion1919TNWWII Korea02/01/194401/28/1946
2nd Engineers 050 carpenter
SnyderJames Benjamin525888US Marine Corps 6th Marines H Company 2nd Battalion1925WIWWII Korea Vietnam05/28/194303/31/1968
Clerk Typist 24th Marine Regt
SpearmanMarvin Donald53113889ARMY1930Korea01/24/195212/29/1953
SperowHenry Lee25525US Marine Corps Marine Fighting Squadron 224 VMF 2241921WVWWII Korea06/16/194312/24/1951
Strafing & Bombing Missions
StaffordWilliam Ervin1085068US Marine Corps 8th Marines H&S Company 2nd Division1931DCKorea02/23/194902/22/1954
Signal School Battalion Quantico
StallingsFred Brinkley55043937ARMYRct1926Korea11/06/1950
SteuberFrederick William Jr451781US Marine CorpsFighting Squadron 112 Air Base Sq 11923NJWWII Korea09/18/194210/22/1945Wing Service Squadron 3
StevensonEugene218232US Marine CorpsCombat Team 25 Landing Team 11910MAInterim WWII Korea02/11/193812/20/1945
Enemy Shipping Raid Norway
StevensonRobert Louis1347848US Marine Corps 4th Marines K Company 3rd Battalion 1928MIKorea05/22/195204/13/1954
3rd Division Korea 7th Marines
StewartDonald Cleao4610705US NavyUSS Worcester (CL-144)1931ILKorea11/23/195111/22/19596th Fleet
StirlingWilliam Herbert JrO250568US NavyTorpedo Sqdn 321920MAWWII Korea05/29/194203/04/1954Citation for Bomb Runs
StoneJohn Edward7759390US NavyUSS Rowe (DD-564)1926SCWWII Korea10/26/194509/25/1952UDT Team Charlie
StoudemirePaul Aaron1447723US Marine Corps 2nd Division MP Company HQ BattalionKorea11/18/195311/17/1961
7th Marines B Company 1st Bn
StroutJennings Bryan3693314US NavyUSS Princeton (CV37)1933UTKorea05/22/1950KIA10/27/1950
Washed overboard in accident
SuttonGlen Wood366851US Marine Corps6th Marine Regiment Company M1924MOWWII Korea09/25/195010/14/1951Corporal Guard Company
SwanCharles Edward3564951US NavyUSS Alabama1920KSWWII Korea02/28/194102/28/1952Japanese Occupation
SwirlesThomas Scott Jr1026698US Marine Corps2nd Infantry Training Regiment 1930ILWWII Korea06/10/193001/25/195513th Infantry Battalion
SzenasyCharlie Joseph4463058US Navy1932TXKorea06/13/195205/22/1956Born Corsicana TX
TardyWilliam Ernest 316420US Marine Corps 8th Marines N Company 4th Battalion1918WVKorea07/03/195110/06/1957H&S Company 6th Marines
ThaxtonJohn Wesley14155978O2061418Army Air Force US Air Force603rd Sq 398th Gr 1st Combat W 8th AF 98th BW 343rd AF Command 1920WWII Korea
ThomassyLouis EdwardO240335US NavyNGLO Northern Troop Landing Force 4th Marine Div1912PAWWII Korea12/12/194210/15/1954WPA 1939-1942
Tonges James Andrew14188US Marine Corps 9th Marines D Co 3rd Marine Division 1920CAWWII Korea07/17/194202/03/1959Bougainville Solomons
Torrey Jay Kenneth47975US Marine Corps 5th Marines D Company 2nd BattalionWWII Korea Vietnam05/11/194510/04/1962
121st Evac Hospital ProvCasCo
TreadwayEverett FayO3025939US Air Force66th Bomb Sq 44th Bomb W 806th Div 2nd AF1932Korea
TuttleRobert Thomas1053550US Marine Corps2nd Tractor Battalion Company B 1925MOWWII Korea 07/24/195006/12/1952LSD 3 Onslow Beach
Twaddle Bruce Edgar1171541US Marine Corps 2nd Recruit Training Battalion San Diego1932MOKorea02/01/195112/31/1951
Medical Discharge Disability
TysonRichard Wison526917US Marine Corps Scout Bombing Squadron 933 VMSB 9331926NYWWII Korea05/24/194309/13/1951
Okinawa Defense Service Sq 93
UhlmannRussel Rudolph 16159A O56091 O836686 16117630Army Air Force US Air Force755th Sq 458th Gr 96th W 8th AF 1604th AB Gr ATLD MATS 43rd AB SQ 4th Air REQ OP 1400 Operations Sq MATS 1921WWII Korea
UllmannWilliam1036578US Marine Corps7th Marine Regiment 3rd Battalion 1927NJKorea01/01/1949KIA11/20/1952MP and POW Roll
UltschGilbert Paul1071952US Marine Corps1st Armored Amphibian Battalion HQ1929WIKorea07/08/194807/07/1952
2nd Tank Battalion 2nd Marine Division
UptonD C 25341414US Air Force1932TNKorea09/06/195109/05/1955
Van RaayBernard Emiel Fred303947US Marine Corps11th Defense Battalion AAA Arty Bn1922NJWWII Korea02/14/1941KIA03/15/1950
H S Company Separation Regt
VangstadDonald Morris4830477US Navy1937Korea Vietnam06/12/195609/04/1957
VolkJerome Aloys36824444O839907Army Air Corps US Air Force35th FBS 8th FBG 5th AF 1925WWII KoreaMIA 11/7/1951
WallaceWilliam AlexanderO381492US NavyUSS LST 10861918SDWWII Korea05/06/194401/08/1954
Reserve from 1946 to 1954
WaltersJackie Frank3219242US NavyUSS South Dakota1926IA WWII Korea04/12/194407/05/1951
Laundry Third Fleet Attack Japan
WareJohn Kit8729491US NavyCo C 6th Medical Bn 6th Marine Div1925MOWWII Korea06/29/194302/13/1952
Ginowan Okinawa Shima Meritorius Service Citation 04/27/1945
WatersHaywood L53206839ARMY1930Korea10/13/195310/13/1955
WebbDavid Lee 251689US Coast GuardUSS Cuyahoga USS Grand Rapids 1923PAWWII Korea01/09/194205/28/1946Also US Navy
WebsterAlbert Francis422337US Marine Corps21st Marine Regiment Company L 1924CTWWII Korea07/18/194210/30/1945Sub Base New London
WhitworthGeorge Frederick 2261220ARMY1925Korea11/16/195311/15/1955
WillsRobert Eugene3796497US Navy109th Nav Const Bn1927CAWWII Korea03/06/194511/30/1951
Commander Marianas ALSO AF
WilmotJames Denton387499US Marine Corps 2nd Casual Company Guard Battalion1924MIWWII Korea04/07/194210/24/194922nd Marines Weapons Co
WilsonRichard Joseph4317066US NavyUSS Block Island (CVE-106)1928INKorea07/25/195212/13/1955Ninth Naval District
WrightHugh Patrick6300509US NavyUSS Christopher NewportWWII Korea01/05/1942 04/18/195101/21/1946 09/21/1954
Soviet Order of Patriotic War 2nd Degree
YelleyClifford RaymondO347897US NavyDemolition Team 51921COWWII Korea01/07/194404/27/1946Underwater Demolition
YiJoseph1308818US Marine Corps1st Marine Division HQ 1930KoreaKorea03/17/195203/16/1954
2nd Infantry Training Battalion
ZielaskowskiOrville Wilbur396576O25261US Marine CorpsCompany K Candidates Class1921ORWWII Korea04/07/194208/24/1946
6th Reserve District General Service