How to Trace a Civil War Veteran Using Military Service Records at the National Archives
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Starting Research: Military Service Records Guide

WWI Military Service Records: Tracing the Steps of a WWI Veteran

To request your WWI veteran’s military service records click here: Request WWI veteran military service records This article provides an overview of the archival WWI military service records which can be used to research WWI U.S. Army veterans. While it is well known that the 1973 fire destroyed many military service records of WWI army

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Navy Casualty Records in the WWII Navy Official Military Personnel File

To request your veteran’s WWII Navy military service records click here: Request WWII Navy military service records What are WWII Navy Casualty Records? In military terms, a casualty is an illness, injury or death. The decks of ships were a particularly dangerous place even in non-combat situations. During WWII, more than one-hundred thousand Navy veterans

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Dad’s Military Service: 8 Essential WWII Army Records for Archival Research

To request your veteran’s military service records click here: Request WWII Army military service records Researching WWII Army Military Service Records This article explains how to use a wide array of WWII Army military service records, and unit records at the National Archives to document the service history of individual WWII Army soldiers. Because the

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