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Our research specialists are on site daily at the US National Archives research centers which hold the Civil War pension file of your veteran ancestor. We scan entire Civil War pension files in high resolution so you can see the Civil War Pension File of your veteran as if you were sitting in the research room at the National Archives viewing the original Civil War Pension yourself. We can have most Civil War pension files ready for you within a few weeks. Let us put our expertise to work for you and help you to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the service of your Civil War military veteran.

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We will locate your veteran’s Civil War pension file in person at the US National Archives research facility where it is stored and then scan the Civil War pension file, page by page. Most Civil War pension files are ready within a few weeks. Once we have your veteran’s Civil War pension file scanned we send an invoice to your email address. You can pay the invoice securely using a credit/debit card or Paypal if you prefer. Once the invoice is paid the scanned Civil War pension file is sent right to your email address. Payment is due at the time the invoice arrives in your email inbox. Our service is simple, convenient, and fast. Fill out the form below to Request your Civil War veteran’s pension file.

    The Civil War Pension: How to Access the Military Service Records of A Civil War Veteran

    To request your veteran’s Civil War Pension click here: Request a Civil War Pension

    Understanding the Civil War Pension

    The Civil War pension files at the National Archives document the pension application and maintenance process for veterans and dependents of Civil War veterans. These pension files often contain a wide variety of archival records which can be useful for genealogical research as well as for understanding the military service of the individual Civil War veteran. A single Civil War pension file can contain hundreds of pages covering the Civil War veteran’s and their dependent’s applications for benefits. The Civil War pension file is a must-have for anyone conducting research on a Civil War veteran.

    To Request Your Civil War Veteran’s Pension File click here: Request a Civil War Pension File

    The Civil War pension files are the most personal of the military service records which are available at the National Archives for the research of individual Civil War veterans. Because the Civil war pension files were created during the application process to receive benefits from the government and were maintained for the duration of the Civil War veteran’s pension payout- they often contain vital records, witness affidavits, medical records, correspondence and other documentation which make them a treasure-trove for genealogists and Civil War researchers alike. 

    It is not unusual for the Civil War Pension file to provide more detail on the Civil War veteran’s military service history than their actual compiled military service record. For example, if a Civil War veteran lived for many years after the war and received benefits for wounds received in battle, there is usually a large amount of documentation covering both military service and medical treatment.

    Medical disability records inside of the Civil War Pension can span decades since documentation was required for the disbursement, modification, and continuation of payments to the Civil War veteran and their beneficiaries. The strict requirements for documentation during the Civil War pension benefits application process means that these files are often full of handwritten correspondence as well as fascinating family-related paperwork proving the eligibility of the Civil war veteran and their family members for Civil War pension payments.

    In some instances, pension payments were made to widows or children of the Civil War veteran for many decades after the war. These Civil war pension records and the correspondence they generated can show us what life was like in the years after the conflict for both the post-war veteran and those in their immediate family. The value of the Civil War Pension file for military and genealogical research cannot be overstated.

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    Golden Arrow Research specializes in the research of Civil War Pension files. If you are interested in researching a Civil War veteran please fill out the form below and we will contact you with pricing and options available for accessing your veteran’s Civil War Pension.

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