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Military Records and Family History Research

Military service records are an essential tool for researching not only individual veterans but also their family members. Because the US military maintained detailed personnel files on 20th Century veterans and compiled pension/service records for earlier service periods, there are endless categories of military service records that are useful for genealogy research of military veterans and their descendants. Our expert research specialists are on-site at archival research facilities nationwide. Let us put our expertise to work so that we can help you tell your ancestor’s story. 

Why Military Records Are Vital for Your Family History Research

While much basic information is available on the internet, archival military documents can provide an astonishing trove of rich detail that would take years to compile from other sources. Family address changes, certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, divorce decrees, school transcripts, medical records, photos (including women in the service), and personal handwritten letters are among the items frequently found in personnel and pension files. Even paperwork filed by funeral homes and attorneys can provide clues for narrowing down the search for family information.

Discover Unknown Details of Your Family History

Our dedicated team of research specialists are on-site at state and federal research facilities nationwide, including the National Archives, and we can assist you with in-depth genealogy research and analysis of your military veteran’s military service records. If you seek to expand your research beyond military service records we also provide full-scale genealogy research services. We can tailor our research to meet your budget and focus on your most important questions. Fill out a request form below to tell us more about your research needs and we will respond promptly with options for moving forward with your project. 

Military Veteran Genealogy Pricing

Pricing depends on your specific research needs. Since each veteran’s genealogy research project is different we ask that you tell us about your research needs so that we can present you with a plan for locating the records that you are seeking. Once your inquiry is received we will respond promptly with a price estimate