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Our expert research specialists are on site at the U.S. National Archives research facilities nationwide and can access  the official WWI military records of your WWI veteran. We provide digital scans of the original WWI military records of your WWI veteran which are held at the U.S. National Archives. In most cases we are actually faster and cheaper than going through the government to get photocopies of the exact same WWI military records. We offer you high quality scans of the original WWI military records of your WWI veteran within days rather than months. We can have most WWI military records ready for you within a few weeks.  While U.S. Navy and Marine Corps records from WWI are complete, many WWI Army records from the Great War were damaged in the 1973 fire. 

How much do WWI military service records cost?

Complete  WWI Navy military service records are between $75 and $100 depending on the size of the record.

Complete WWI U.S. Marine Corps military service records are between $75 and $100 depending on the size of the record.

WWI Army records are $35, plus copy fees (when applicable). Many WWI Army military service records were damaged in the 1973 fire and consist primarily of auxiliary material such as final pay vouchers. If your veteran's military service records were completely lost in the fire it may be necessary for us to reconstruct his service history using alternate WWI records at the National Archives. 

What kind of information will you find in WWI military service records?

WWI service records provide an exciting look at the military service of individual Great War veterans. Complete WWI military service records usually include WWI military records showing the unit a veteran served with, campaigns, battles, awards, duties, assignments, training, medals, qualifications, citations for bravery in action, stations, ships sailed aboard, medical data, discharge records, correspondence, and much much more. We offer digital scans of the original WWI records at the U.S. National Archives so that you can view the records of your WWI veteran exactly as they appear in their original form. No other company-not even the National Archives offer this service. Let us help you research your WWI veteran. 

The 1973 fire and WWI Army records

If you have been told that your WWI veteran's WWI Army records were lost in the 1973 fire we may be able to reconstruct his service history using alternate resources at the National Archives. The fire destroyed about 90 percent of WWI Army service records. Luckily, our research specialists have devised a unique reconstruction process that allows us to rebuild the service history of individual WWI Army veterans. Fill out an order form below to request your veteran's WWI Army records and we will provide you with the available options for researching your WWI veteran.

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Veteran's Branch of Service

Connecticut-class battleship
Delaware-class battleship
Florida-class battleship
Illinois-class battleship
Indiana-class battleship
Kearsarge-class battleship
Maine-class battleship
Maximum battleship
Nevada-class battleship
New Mexico-class battleship
New York-class battleship
Pennsylvania-class battleship
South Carolina-class battleship
Virginia-class battleship
Wyoming-class battleship
Chester-class cruiser
Cincinnati-class cruiser
Columbia-class cruiser
Denver-class cruiser
Montgomery-class cruiser
New Orleans-class cruiser (1896)
Pennsylvania-class cruiser
St. Louis-class cruiser (1905)
Aylwin-class destroyer
Bainbridge-class destroyer
Caldwell-class destroyer
Cassin-class destroyer
Clemson-class destroyer
O'Brien-class destroyer
Paulding-class destroyer
Sampson-class destroyer
Smith-class destroyer
Truxtun-class destroyer
Tucker-class destroyer
Wickes-class destroyer
USS Taylor (DD-94)
USS Terry (DD-25)
Bayocean (motor yacht)
Brown Smith Jones
Dubuque-class gunboat
United States B-class submarine