Get World War II Navy Personnel Records (WWII WW2)

We offer access to WWII Navy personnel records of individual WWII veterans. WWII Navy personnel records provide an exciting, in-depth look at the naval career of individual WWII Navy veterans. Our research specialists are on site at the archival research facility where your Navy veteran’s WWII military personnel records are maintained, and we can scan the entire military personnel record of your WWII  Navy veteran, page by page in high resolution. In most cases we are also able to provide a high resolution period photograph of your WWII Navy veteran. 

How Much Do World War II Navy Personnel Records Cost?

WWII Navy personnel records under 40 pages in length are $100

WWII Navy Personnel records over 40 pages in length are $175

What Kind of Military Personnel Records Are Inside Your World War II Navy Veteran's File?

  • WWII Enlistment Photographs
  • WWII Enlistment Documents
  • WWII Honorable Discharge
  • WWII Ships and Naval Units
  • Service Number, Promotions, Jobs
  • WWII Naval Campaigns & Battles
  • POW, MIA and KIA Documentation
  • WWII Navy Casualty Reports
  • WWII Navy Valor Medal Eligibility
  • Some Medical Reports (Variable)
  • Deck Court & Disciplinary Documents
  • Naval Training & Qualifications
  • Naval Payroll Records
  • Civilian Occupations & Hobbies
  • Vital Records: Birth, Death, Marriage
  • Correspondence, Addresses & Names

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