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We offer access to WWII Navy service records of individual WWII veterans. WWII Navy service records provide an exciting, in-depth look at the military career of individual WWII Navy veterans. Our research specialists are on site at the U.S. National Archives research facility where your veteran's records are maintained, and we can scan the entire military service record of your WWII  Navy veteran, page by page in high resolution. Our service allows you to view scans of the original service records of your WWII Navy veteran exactly as they appear in their original form. We can have most WWII Navy military service records ready within a few weeks. In most cases we are also able to provide a high resolution period photograph of your Navy veteran. 

How much do WWII Navy service records cost?

WWII Navy service records under 40 pages in length are $75.

WWII Navy service records over 40 pages in length are $100. 

Please note: Some veterans were first enlisted and then became officers. Occasionally these veterans may have two separate service files-one officer and one enlisted. 

Please note: If your veteran has a photo negative in the service record it may have to go to the preservation lab to be transferred to a digital image which is $10.

Get your veteran's Navy WWII service record 

Our military research specialists will locate your WWII Navy veteran's service records at the U.S. National Archives where their official military personnel file is maintained. Once we have scanned your WWII Navy veteran's complete service record we will send an invoice to your email address which you can pay using a credit/debit card or Paypal if you prefer. Payment is due at the time the invoice arrives in your email inbox. Once the invoice is paid the scanned WWII Navy service records of your Navy veteran are sent right to your email address. Simple, convenient and fast. Let us help you research your WWII Navy veteran today.  

What kind of records are kept inside your WWII Navy veteran's service file?

Most WWII Navy service records contain a period photo of the WWII Navy veteran, ranks, units, duties, campaigns, ships, battle participation, places visited, qualifications, training, disciplinary actions, courts martial documents, awards, commendations, citations for bravery, payroll records, medical documents, enlistment records and much more. In many cases the WWII service record of your WWII Navy veteran will also contain documents pertaining to non-military matters such as civilian occupations held and the veteran's family situation. WWII Navy service records can be a goldmine for genealogical research. Fill out an order form below to request the WWII Navy service record of your WWII Navy veteran. 

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Attack transport

LSM(R)-188-class landing ship medium


USS Baldwin (DD-624)
USS Bancroft (DD-598)

USS Laub (DD-613)


USS Cincinnati (CL-6)


Commencement Bay-class escort carrier

Lexington-class aircraft carrier

Saipan-class aircraft carrier
Sangamon-class escort carrier

stein (DE-534)

Dubuque-class gunboat

Erie-class gunboat

MV Joyita

USS Albacore (SS-218)
USS Amberjack (SS-219)
USS Amberjack (SS-522)
USS Angler
USS Apogon (SS-308)
USS Archerfish (SS-311)
USS Argonaut (SM-1)
USS Argonaut (SS-475)
USS Aspro (SS-309)
USS Atule (SS-403)
USS Balao (SS-285)
USS Bang (SS-385)
USS Barb (SS-220)
USS Barbel (SS-316)
USS Barbero (SS-317)
USS Barracuda (SS-163)
USS Bashaw
USS Bass (SS-164)
USS Batfish (SS-310)
USS Baya (SS-318)
USS Becuna (SS-319)
USS Bergall (SS-320)
USS Besugo (SS-321)
USS Billfish (SS-286)
USS Blackfin (SS-322)
USS Blackfish
USS Blanquillo
USS Blanquillo (SS-323)
USS Blenny (SS-324)
USS Blower (SS-325)
USS Blueback (SS-326)
USS Bluefish (SS-222)
USS Bluegill
USS Boarfish (SS-327)
USS Bonefish (SS-223)
USS Bonita (SS-165)
USS Bowfin (SS-287)
USS Bream
USS Brill (SS-330)
USS Bugara (SS-331)
USS Bullhead
USS Bumper (SS-333)
USS Burrfish (SS-312)
USS Cabezon (SS-334)
USS Cabrilla (SS-288)
USS Cachalot (SS-170)
USS Caiman (SS-323)
USS Capelin (SS-289)
USS Capitaine (SS-336)
USS Carbonero (SS-337)
USS Carp (SS-338)
USS Catfish (SS-339)
USS Cavalla (SS-244)
USS Cero (SS-225)
USS Charr (SS-328)
USS Chivo (SS-341)
USS Chopper (SS-342)
USS Chub (SS-329)
USS Cisco (SS-290)
USS Cobbler (SS-344)
USS Cobia
USS Conger (SS-477)
USS Corvina
USS Crevalle (SS-291)
USS Croaker
USS Cutlass (SS-478)
USS Cuttlefish (SS-171)
USS Dace (SS-247)
USS Darter (SS-227)
USS Dentuda (SS-335)
USS Devilfish (SS-292)
USS Dogfish (SS-350)
USS Dolphin (SS-169)
USS Dorado (SS-248)
USS Dragonet (SS-293)
USS Drum (SS-228)
USS Entemedor (SS-340)
USS Escolar (SS-294)
USS Finback (SS-230)
USS Flasher (SS-249)
USS Flier
USS Flounder
USS Flying Fish (SS-229)
USS Gabilan
USS Gar (SS-206)
USS Gato (SS-212)
PNS Ghazi
USS Golet
USS Grampus (SS-207)
USS Grampus (SS-523)
USS Grayback (SS-208)
USS Grayling (SS-209)
USS Greenfish (SS-351)
USS Greenling (SS-213)
USS Grenadier (SS-210)
USS Grouper
USS Growler (SS-215)
USS Grunion
USS Guardfish (SS-217)
USS Guavina
USS Gudgeon (SS-211)
USS Guitarro (SS-363)
USS Gunnel
USS Gurnard (SS-254)
USS Hackleback (SS-295)
USS Haddo (SS-255)
USS Haddock (SS-231)
USS Hake (SS-256)
USS Halibut (SS-232)
USS Hammerhead (SS-364)
USS Harder (SS-257)
USS Hardhead (SS-365)
USS Hawkbill (SS-366)
USS Herring
USS Icefish (SS-367)
USS Irex (SS-482)
USS Jack (SS-259)
USS Jallao (SS-368)
USS Kete (SS-369)
USS Kingfish
USS Kraken (SS-370)
USS Lagarto (SS-371)
USS Lamprey (SS-372)
USS Lancetfish (SS-296)
USS Lapon (SS-260)
USS Ling
USS Lionfish (SS-298)
USS Lizardfish (SS-373)
USS Loggerhead (SS-374)
USS Macabi (SS-375)
USS Mackerel (SS-204)
USS Manta (SS-299)
USS Mapiro (SS-376)
USS Marlin (SS-205)
USS Medregal (SS-480)
USS Menhaden (SS-377)
USS Mingo (SS-261)
USS Moray (SS-300)
USS Muskallunge
USS Narwhal (SS-167)
USS Nautilus (SS-168)
USS O-2 (SS-63)
USS O-3 (SS-64)
USS O-4 (SS-65)
USS O-6 (SS-67)
USS O-7 (SS-68)
USS O-8 (SS-69)
USS O-10 (SS-71)
USS Odax (SS-484)
USS Paddle
USS Pampanito (SS-383)
USS Parche (SS-384)
USS Pargo (SS-264)
USS Perch (SS-176)
USS Perch (SS-313)
USS Permit (SS-178)
USS Peto
USS Pickerel (SS-177)
USS Pickerel (SS-524)
USS Picuda (SS-382)
USS Pike (SS-173)
USS Pilotfish (SS-386)
USS Pintado (SS-387)
USS Pipefish (SS-388)
USS Piper (SS-409)
USS Piranha (SS-389)
USS Plaice (SS-390)
USS Plunger (SS-179)
USS Pogy (SS-266)
USS Pollack (SS-180)
USS Pomfret (SS-391)
USS Pompano (SS-181)
USS Pompon
USS Porpoise (SS-172)
USS Puffer (SS-268)
USS Queenfish (SS-393)
USS Quillback (SS-424)
USS R-1 (SS-78)
USS R-2 (SS-79)
USS R-4 (SS-81)
USS R-5 (SS-82)
USS R-6 (SS-83)
USS R-7 (SS-84)
USS R-9 (SS-86)
USS R-10 (SS-87)
USS R-11 (SS-88)
USS R-12 (SS-89)
USS R-13 (SS-90)
USS R-14 (SS-91)
USS R-15 (SS-92)
USS R-16 (SS-93)
USS R-17 (SS-94)
USS R-18 (SS-95)
USS R-19 (SS-96)
USS R-20 (SS-97)
USS Rasher
USS Raton
USS Ray (SS-271)
USS Razorback (SS-394)
USS Redfin
USS Redfish (SS-395)
USS Remora
USS Requin (SS-481)
USS Robalo
USS Rock
USS Roncador (SS-301)
USS Ronquil (SS-396)
USS Runner (SS-275)
USS Runner (SS-476)
USS S-1 (SS-105)
USS S-11 (SS-116)
USS S-12 (SS-117)
USS S-13 (SS-118)
USS S-14 (SS-119)
USS S-15 (SS-120)
USS S-16 (SS-121)
USS S-17 (SS-122)
USS S-18 (SS-123)
USS S-20 (SS-125)
USS S-21 (SS-126)
USS S-22 (SS-127)
USS S-23 (SS-128)
USS S-24 (SS-129)
USS S-26 (SS-131)
USS S-27 (SS-132)
USS S-28 (SS-133)
USS S-29 (SS-134)
USS S-30 (SS-135)
USS S-31 (SS-136)
USS S-32 (SS-137)
USS S-33 (SS-138)
USS S-34 (SS-139)
USS S-35 (SS-140)
USS S-36 (SS-141)
USS S-37 (SS-142)
USS S-38 (SS-143)
USS S-39 (SS-144)
USS S-40 (SS-145)
USS S-41 (SS-146)
USS S-42 (SS-153)
USS S-43 (SS-154)
USS S-44 (SS-155)
USS S-45 (SS-156)
USS S-46 (SS-157)
USS S-47 (SS-158)
USS S-48 (SS-159)
USS Sabalo (SS-302)
USS Sailfish (SS-192)
USS Salmon (SS-182)
USS Sand Lance (SS-381)
USS Sargo (SS-188)
USS Saury (SS-189)
USS Sawfish
USS Scabbardfish (SS-397)
USS Scamp (SS-277)
USS Scorpion (SS-278)
USS Sculpin (SS-191)
USS Sea Cat (SS-399)
USS Sea Devil (SS-400)
USS Sea Dog (SS-401)
USS Sea Fox (SS-402)
USS Sea Leopard (SS-483)
USS Sea Owl (SS-405)
USS Sea Poacher
USS Sea Robin (SS-407)
USS Seadragon (SS-194)
USS Seahorse (SS-304)
USS Seal (SS-183)
USS Sealion (SS-195)
USS Sealion (SS-315)
USS Searaven (SS-196)
USS Seawolf (SS-197)
USS Segundo (SS-398)
USS Sennet (SS-408)
USS Shad (SS-235)
USS Shark (SS-174)
USS Shark (SS-314)
USS Silversides (SS-236)
USS Skate (SS-305)
USS Skipjack (SS-184)
USS Snapper (SS-185)
USS Snook (SS-279)
USS Spadefish (SS-411)
USS Spearfish (SS-190)
USS Spikefish (SS-404)
USS Spot (SS-413)
USS Springer (SS-414)
USS Steelhead
USS Sterlet (SS-392)
USS Stickleback (SS-415)
USS Stingray (SS-186)
USS Sturgeon (SS-187)
USS Sunfish (SS-281)
USS Swordfish (SS-193)
USS Tambor (SS-198)
USS Tang (SS-306)
USS Tarpon (SS-175)
USS Tautog (SS-199)
USS Tench (SS-417)
USS Thornback (SS-418)
USS Threadfin (SS-410)
USS Thresher (SS-200)
USS Tigrone (SS-419)
USS Tilefish (SS-307)
USS Tinosa (SS-283)
USS Tirante (SS-420)
USS Toro (SS-422)
USS Torsk
USS Trepang (SS-412)
USS Trigger (SS-237)
USS Triton (SS-201)
USS Trumpetfish (SS-425)
USS Trutta (SS-421)
USS Tullibee (SS-284)
USS Tuna (SS-203)
USS Tunny (SS-282)
USS Tusk (SS-426)
USS Volador (SS-490)
USS Wahoo (SS-238)
USS Whale (SS-239)
Wolfpack (naval tactic)