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WWII Army service records of are maintained within the Army veteran’s official military personnel file ( O.M.P.F.) at the National Archives. Army service records  can provide an extensive overview of your WWII Army veteran’s military service. In addition to the military service records inside of the Army O.M.P.F. these military personnel files also provide an rich source of documentation for genealogy researchers. If you are wishing to learn more about the life and military service of an individual WWII Army veteran the Army O.M.P.F. is the place to start.  

What to do if you have been told that your veteran's Army O.M.P.F. was lost in the 1973 fire

If you have been told that your WWII Army veteran’s military service records were lost in the 1973 fire then it may be necessary to reconstruct their service history using alternate record sources. You can learn more about this process here: Research a WWII Army Veteran 

Prices for WWII Army Service Records

WWII Army service records (O.M.P.F.’s) are $65. 

Copy fees (.50 per page) are applicable for Army service records that are 15 pages or more in length. 

What types of records do we typically find?

Most WWII Army service records consist only of fragmentary auxiliary material due to the 1973 fire. Auxiliary records typically consist of pay vouchers or medical extracts only. In light of this the most satisfying option for WWII Army research is the more large scale process we offer here: Comprehensive WWII Army Research

For those with WWII Army service records which survived the fire it is common to find: enlistment records, promotion records, medical records, awards documents, training records, correspondence, insurance documents and discharge records among many other military records. The only way to find out what is in your veteran’s O.M.P.F. is to order their service records.

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