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We offer access to WWII Army Service Records of individual veterans. We can usually have WWII Army Service Records ready for you within 1-2 weeks. In  most cases we are actually faster and cheaper than going directly through the  government to locate your records. WWII Army Service Records can help you to gain a better understanding of how your veteran experienced the war. Complete Military Service Records usually include the following types of information: Units the veteran served with, duties, assignments, awards citations, discharge documents, and more. Not all Army Service records are complete due to the 1973 fire. Please scroll down to view the prices on Army records.

Prices for WWII Army Military Service Records

WWII Army Service Records are $30-40 depending on the size of the record, plus copies. Most Army Service Records are relatively small because of the 1973 fire which damaged millions of WWII Military Service Records. Some records may be partially burned or consist only of auxiliary documents such as pay vouchers or medical data sheets. If there are personnel records pertaining to your veteran at the National Archives we will find them for you.

We copy, scan and then bill you for the records. Once payment is received the scanned copies come right to your email. To order a WWII Army Service Record please fill out the order form.

If you would like to download an example of a complete WWII Army Service Record please scroll down and download a record from the menu options below.

The 1973 Fire

In 1973 a massive fire swept through the National Archives, impacting millions of Army Military Service Records held there. Even if your veteran's records were damaged in the fire there may still be auxiliary and medical reords we can locate for you.

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Download an Example of a WWII Army Military Service Record

Army Military Service Record.pdf Army Military Service Record.pdf
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WWII Army Military Personnel File.pdf WWII Army Military Personnel File.pdf
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Please note: We cannot guarantee that all Army/ Air Corps Military Service Records will be complete. Millions of Army Service Records were damaged in the 1973 fire at the National Archives.

Research an Individual WWII Veteran

If you have been told that your veteran's records were lost in the 1973 fire We may be able to find alternate records which will allow us to rebuild his service history. Using personnel records, daily unit records, unit rosters, medical records and many other resources at the National Archives, we can trace the steps of individual Army Veterans to show you where they were and what they did during the war. Click here to Reconstruct the Service History of an Individual WWII Veteran