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I've downloaded the records you sent and have been going through them. Thank you very much for this! The reports show the date my grandfather was killed in action and how it occurred. He obviously died in a large offensive. The report showed a 40 minute artillery barrage before they jumped off. WOW.  These reports are invaluable to me and to see my grandfather's name is very special. Thank you so so so much.


Absolutely outstanding support and service form Golden Arrow Military Research. I've been collecting family memorabilia and doing research for more than 40 years. Geoff took on an extremely hard task in regards to my uncle's service during WWII and completely cracked the code. My uncle served in 3 different units and he was able to trace him through each unit. It was truly a great Veteran's Day present for our family.


I am another happy customer-Geoff was able to pull up daily unit records for my dad's unit during World War II. Thanks to his research, I now have a detailed chronology of service-I know when he joined the unit, the dates of promotions, and the name of the transport ship that brought him back to the United States. I also have a detailed knowledge now of where the unit went and what casualties it suffered when my dad was a member.  I am very happy with the job you have done and would highly recommend you to anyone needing some research done at the National Archives. 


Once again thanks for the Plethora of information you have provided.  It provides insight into the stages of my dad's service we had not known about and reinforced those we had heard stories about.


I just wanted to say thanks again for all the information you have uncovered. I've spent almost every free minute reading through the documents and they are fascinating.


I just wanted to write a note of thanks for the quick turnaround  of my dad's records. After attempting (unsuccessfully) for years to pull these details together myself YOU were able to do this within a few weeks time. Luckily, I was able to get this information to my brother while he is still able to comprehend. He was so impressed with all the detail. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.


Golden Arrow just finished a challenging project regarding my husbands uncle and his service in the ETO. I am absolutely amazed at their thoroughness, professionalism and expertise. They were able to track Uncle Tom down despite the fact that he had enlisted as an E.M. in the National Guard, been sent off to O.C.S., promoted and changed units several times, and then stayed in the Army until his death in 1970. AND, since he and his late wife were childless and his younger brother died this year there was no next of kin. Despite this Golden Arrow provided pages and pages of documents detailing Uncle Tom's WWII Service, and they were in my hands just a few weeks after my request. Geoff has brought the family legend to life and I will absolutely be hiring Golden Arrow to pick up Uncle Tom's story in Korea. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!  Thanks you Geoff and Golden Arrow!


I have nothing but good things to say about Golden Arrow Military Research. We got nothing but "the records were destroyed in a fire" for so long and no help from the V.A.  or our elected officials when we tried to find out about a family member's participation in WWII.  Fortunately for us we learned about this service and asked for their help. Within weeks we had over 50 pages of documentation on our loved one. I would recommend this to anyone who is having trouble getting information. They are quick, courteous and well worth every penny.


Very Happy with the results of the research that you conducted on not just one but two relatives of mine from WWII. Will certainly use your services again in the future.


Golden Arrow Military Research did some research on my grandfather and great uncle and I couldn't be more happy/ On my grandfather I got the standard "it was list in the fire" response from the archives, but Golden Arrow Research was able to find me the morning reports which showed where my grandfather was and what he did during WWII.


I just wanted to take a few moments to say thanks to the folks at Golden Arrow Military Research for a job well done. I highly recommend them as they were able to get me the military research I needed in a quick, professional and most importantly economical manner.


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