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We want to use your military collectibles to tell your veteran’s story and showcase our military research service. We will pay top dollar for military collectibles and military memorabilia. Help us transfer your military collectibles out of the dusty attic, garage or closet where they are stored (often in conditions which are not ideal for their preservation) and put them into military collections where they can be appreciated, cared for and displayed. Over the years we have built close connections with experts ranging from museum curators to antique dealers. Our knowledgeable team will provide you with a free appraisal based on the current market value for your military collectibles. If you decide to sell to us we will fully research your veteran at the National Archives ensuring that their service history lives on through the preservation of their military collectibles. 

Military collectibles we are seeking to buy

At this time we are ONLY accepting military medals that are attributed to US military veterans. We regret that we are not able to provide assistance with other items. 

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Selling your military collectibles to us is convenient and secure. We have been researching veterans and their military collectibles for almost a decade and we have a stellar reputation. Please see the reviews of our work spanning nearly a decade: Golden Arrow Research Reviews.

The process

1. Take pictures of the military collectibles you wish to sell.

2. Enter your contact information and a brief description of the collectibles you wish to sell in the form below.

3. Upload the pictures of your military collectibles and click ‘submit’.

4. We will contact you promptly with a free appraisal.

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