Trace the Steps of a WWII Army

Air Forces Veteran

Research your WWII A.A.F. veteran:

We offer you a glimpse of the experiences that your A.A.F.( Army Air Forces) veteran had during the war. Using military service records, mission reports, individual flight logs, rosters, special orders, medical records, deceased personnel files, unit histories and other records at the National Archives, we can follow in the footsteps of individual WWII A.A.F. veterans to show you where they were and what they did during the war.This process is essential to understanding the experiences of individual A.A.F. veterans who participated in aerial operations during WWII. Our unique and innovative research service is especially exciting since the vast majority of WWII A.A.F. service records were lost in the 1973 National Archives fire. This process enables us to reconstruct the service history of your WWII A.A.F. veteran even if his service records were lost in the fire. We are physically on-site at U.S. archival research facilities nationwide and have direct access to WWII military records pertaining to your individual veteran and his A.A.F. unit. With nearly a decade of experience in researching military records at the National Archives we have the experience that is needed to rebuild your WWII veteran's service history. Contact us to start researching your WWII A.A.F. veteran today!

The WWII A.A.F. research process:

Our expert research specialists are physically present at the archival research facilities which maintain the service records of your A.A.F.veteran (as well as the records of his flight unit). We use a wide array of archived historical records to determine your veteran's flight crew, the missions he flew, and medals he was awarded. We also locate the available unit operations reports for the exact missions your veteran flew, allowing you to see what happened each time your veteran was in the air (the level of combat detail will vary from unit to unit). Our comprehensive research service is a one of a kind process which we have exclusively developed for our clients. No other company, individual researcher, or government agency offers this process. When we have completed your research project we send an invoice to your email address. Once the invoice is paid the records are sent to your email address along with a short summary to help guide you through the records. Please fill out an order form below to begin researching your individual veteran today.

How much does this process cost?

The total cost will depend on the scope of your research project. Because each A.A.F. research project is different we ask that you give us specific details about your research needs so that we can present you with a plan for researching your individual Air Corps/Army Air Forces veteran and his unit. Once your inquiry is received we will respond promptly with a rough price estimate based on your exact research needs. Please fill out the order form below in order to receive a price quote for your WWII A.A.F. research project.

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Was your veteran:

Research 100th Bomb Group 
Research 100th Bomb Squadron 
Research 100th Fighter Squadron 
Research 100th Troop Carrier Squadron
Research 10th Bomb Squadron 
Research 10th Fighter Squadron 
Research 10th Troop Carrier Group 
Research 10th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 11th Bomb Group 
Research 11th Bomb Squadron 
Research 11th Fighter Squadron 
Research 11th Photographic Group 
Research 11th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 12th Bomb Group 
Research 12th Bomb Squadron 
Research 12th Fighter Squadron 
Research 12th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 13th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 14th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 14th Fighter Group 
Research 14th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 15th Bomb Squadron 
Research 15th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 15th Fighter Group 
Research 160th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 
Research 161st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 
Research 162nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 
Research 16th Bomb Group 
Research 16th Bomb Squadron 
Research 16th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 16th Fighter Squadron 
Research 16th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 17th Bomb Group 
Research 17th Bomb Squadron 
Research 17th Reconnaissance Group 
Research 17th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 18th Antisubmarine Squadron 
Research 18th Fighter Group 
Research 18th Fighter Squadron 
Research 18th Reconnaissance Group 
Research 18th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 19th Antisubmarine Squadron
Research 19th Bomb Group 
Research 19th Bomb Squadron 
Research 19th Fighter Squadron 
Research 19th Photographic Squadron 
Research 19th Reconnaissance Group 
Research 19th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 1st Air Commando Group 
Research 1st Bomb Squadron WWII 
Research 1st Combat Cargo Group WWII
Research 1st Fighter Group 
Research 1st Fighter Squadron 
Research 1st Photographic Group 
Research 1st Photographic Squadron 
Research 1st Search Attack Group 
Research 1st Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 20th Bomb Squadron 
Research 20th Fighter Group 
Research 20th Reconnaissance Group 
Research 21st Bomb Squadron 
Research 21st Fighter Group 
Research 21st Fighter Squadron 
Research 21st Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 22nd Antisubmarine Squadron 
Research 22nd Bomb Group 
Research 22nd Bomb Squadron 
Research 22nd Fighter Squadron 
Research 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 23rd Bomb Squadron 
Research 23rd Fighter Group 
Research 23rd Fighter Squadron 
Research 23rd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 24th Pursuit Group 
Research 25th Bomb Group 
Research 25th Bomb Squadron 
Research 25th Fighter Squadron 
Research 26th Bomb Squadron 
Research 26th Fighter Squadron 
Research 27th Bomb Squadron 
Research 27th Fighter Group 
Research 27th Fighter Squadron 
Research 27th Troop Carrier
Research 28th Bomb Squadron 
Research 28th Troop Carrier Squadron
Research 29th Bomb Group 
Research 29th Troop Carrier Squadron
Research 2nd Air Commando Group 
Research 2nd Bomb Group 
Research 2nd Bomb Squadron 
Research 2nd Combat Cargo Group 
Research 2nd Fighter Squadron 
Research 2nd Photographic Squadron 
Research 2nd Reconnaissance Group 
Research 2nd Search Attack Squadron 
Research 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 301st Bomb Group 
Research 301st Fighter Squadron 
Research 301st Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 302nd Fighter Squadron 
Research 302nd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 303rd Bomb Group 
Research 303rd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 304th Troop Carrier Squadron
Research 305th Bomb Group
Research 305th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 306th Bomb Group 
Research 306th Troop Carrier Squadron
Research 307th Bomb Group WWII
Research 307th Fighter Squadron WWII
Research 307th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 308th Bomb Group 
Research 308th Fighter Squadron
Research 308th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 309th Fighter Squadron 
Research 309th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 30th Bomb Group 
Research 30th Bomb Squadron 
Research 310th Bomb Group 
Research 310th Fighter Squadron 
Research 310th Troop Carrier Squadron
Research 311th Fighter Group 
Research 311th Fighter Squadron 
Research 311th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 312th Bomb Group
Research 312th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 313th Fighter Squadron 
Research 313th Troop Carrier Group 
Research 313th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 314th Fighter Squadron 
Research 314th Troop Carrier Group 
Research 314th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 315th Fighter Squadron 
Research 315th Troop Carrier Group 
Research 315th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 316th Fighter Squadron
Research 316th Troop Carrier Group
Research 317th Fighter Squadron 
Research 317th Troop Carrier Group 
Research 318th Fighter Group
Research 318th Fighter Squadron 
Research 319th Bomb Group 
Research 319th Bomb Squadron 
Research 319th Fighter Squadron 
Research 31st Bomb Squadron 
Research 31st Fighter Group 
Research 31st Tactical Recon Squadron
Research 320th Bomb Group 
Research 320th Bomb Squadron 
Research 320th Fighter Squadron
Research 320th Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 321st Bomb Squadron
Research 321st Bomb Group
Research 322nd Bomb Squadron
Research 322nd Bomb Group 
Research 323rd Bomb Group 
Research 324th Fighter Group 
Research 324th Squadron 
Research 325th Bomb Squadron
Research 325th Fighter Group 
Research 326th Bomb Squadron 
Research 326th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 327th Bomb Squadron 
Research 327th Combat Cargo Squadron
Research 328th Bomb Squadron
Research 328th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 328th Fighter Squadron 
Research 329th Bomb Squadron 
Research 329th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 32nd Bomb Squadron 
Research 32nd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 330th Bomb Group 
Research 330th Bomb Squadron 
Research 330th Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 331st Bomb Group 
Research 331st Bomb Squadron 
Research 331st Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 332nd Bomb Squadron 
Research 332nd Combat Cargo Squadron 
Research 332nd Fighter Group 
Research 333rd Combat Cargo Squadron
Research 333rd Fighter Squadron 
Research 333rd Bomb Squadron W
Research 334th Bomb Squadron 
Research 334th Fighter Squadron 
Research 335th Bomb Squadron 
Research 335th Fighter Squadron 
Research 336th Bomb Squadron 
Research 336th Fighter Squadron 
Research 337th Bomb Squadron 
Research 338th Bomb Squadron 
Research 338th Fighter Squadron
Research 339th Bomb Squadron 
Research 339th Fighter Group 
Research 339th Fighter Squadron 
Research 33rd Bomb Squadron 
Research 33rd Fighter Group 
Research 33rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
Research 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron 
Research 340th Bomb Group 
Research 340th Bomb Squadron
Research 340th Fighter Squadron 
Research 341st Bomb Group 
Research 341st Bomb Squadron
Research 341st Fighter Squadron 
Research 342nd Bomb Squadron 
Research 342nd Fighter Squadron 
Research 343rd Bomb Squadron 
Research 343rd Fighter Group 
Research 343rd Fighter Squadron 
Research 441st Bomb Squadron 
Research 441st Troop Carrier Group 
Research 442nd Bomb Squadron 
Research 442nd Troop Carrier Group 
Research 443rd Bomb Squadron 
Research 443rd Troop Carrier Group 
Research 444th Bomb Group 
444th Bomb Squadron 
Research 445th Bomb Group 
Research 445th Bomb Squadron 
Research 45th Fighter Squadron 
446th Bomb Group 
446th Bomb Squadron

439th Bomb Squadron

883rd Bomb Squadron