Order the Service Record of Your Merchant Marine

We offer access to the official military service records of Coast Guard veterans which are housed at the U.S. National Archives. Military service records of Coast Guard veterans usually include a period photograph of the Coast Guard veteran, units, ships, stations, award citations, medals, training, medical records, court martial records, battles, campaigns and much more. Most complete service records of Coast Guard veterans are 50-150 pages in length and contain records detailing the entire Coast Guard service of your veteran. Coast Guard service records provide a wealth of information about the Coast Guard veteran's military career and can open exciting avenues for genealogical research. 

Ordering Your Coast Guard Veteran's Service Record

Coast Guard service records are between $75 and $100 depending on the size of the record.  Our research specialists are on site at the U.S. National Archives and can have most Coast Guard military service records copied for you within 1-2 weeks. All  Coast Guard service records are copied, scanned and sent to your email inbox upon payment. The invoice comes conveniently to your email address. We provide a lightning fast, reliable service which costs almost exactly the same as ordering the record directly from the government. Unlike the government, we also include a photo of your Coast Guard veteran when available. Please fill out the order form on this page to request your Coast Guard veteran's military service record.