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president of the archival researchers association able to customize any research project large or small tailored to your specific needs

Geoff Gentilini

  • Owner and Project Manager of Golden Arrow Research
  • President of the Archival Researchers Association
  • Member National Genealogical Society
  • Member American Historical Association
  • M.A. Degree in History B.A. Degree in Social Studies/Teaching Certification
  • Personally handled and researched hundreds of thousands of historical records 


We are pleased to offer on-site research and record-retrieval services to supplement your genealogy and family history research. As New York Times bestselling author Chris DeRose noted in the acknowledgments for his most recent publication: “Geoff Gentilini of Golden Arrow Research: if he can’t find a record-then it’s not there.” Geoff was born in Virginia, not far from the major US research repositories in DC and College Park. As a missionary kid, his international travels started at the age of two (Geoff is fluent in German and can speak some Spanish and Hungarian). In his late teens he returned to Virginia to complete his undergraduate studies in political science/social studies and later earned an MA in History. In 2010 he developed a unique process to reconstruct the service history of military veterans whose records were lost in the 1973 fire. After successfully rebuilding his grandfather’s service history in 2011, he founded Golden Arrow Research to help other families gain a better understanding of their loved ones’ wartime experiences. Geoff has researched thousands of individuals at the archives, including their military service records, unit histories and a wide array of records for genealogy and family history projects. He now provides freelance research services in military, historical and family history records at archival research facilities nationwide. Geoff is the president of the Archival Researchers Association.

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