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If you are researching a veteran who served in the military prior to the 20th Century the compiled military service record is an essential tool for your research. The Compiled military service record contains service data which was assembled from a variety of record sources, including muster rolls, medical reports, regimental returns and pay documents. Compiled military service records provide a basic sketch of the individual veteran’s service and can show us things like: date of enlistment, date of discharge, rank, wounds received in action, illness, and hospitalization. Additionally, the compiled military service records may include further documentation including: records of bounty payments, enlistment forms, and even prisoner of war records for soldiers who were captured on the battlefield. Compiled military service records document the service of veterans who served from the Revolutionary War through the Spanish American/Philippine War.

How Much Do Compiled Military Service Records Cost?

Army and Marine Corps Compiled Military Service Records are $75 for a file under 40 pages in length. A file over 40 pages in length is $150. 

The Process

We locate your veteran’s compiled military service records in person at the U.S. National Archives and then scan the entire record, page by page. Most compiled military service records are ready within a few weeks. Once we have your veteran’s compiled military service records scanned we send an invoice to your email address. You can pay the invoice securely using a credit/debit card or Paypal if you prefer. Once the invoice is paid the scanned compiled military service records are sent right to your email address. Payment is due at the time the invoice arrives in your email inbox. Our service is simple, convenient, and fast.

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