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Using daily unit records, rosters, medical records, military service records, and individual flight records among many other resources we can follow individual WWII veterans through the war to show you where they were and what they did during WWII. This process is essential to understanding the experiences of individual veterans who served during WWII. Our one of a kind service is especially exciting since the vast majority of WWII Army service records were lost in the 1973 National Archives fire. Our experience and expertise enables us to reconstruct the service history of your individual veteran and to give you a glimpse of the experiences that he had during WWII. Our military research specialists are on site at the U.S. National Archives and have direct access to WWII military records pertaining to your individual veteran. Our comprehensive research service is a unique process which is not offered by any other company-not even the National Archives. Contact us to start researching your WWII veteran today!

What kind of information can we find out about your WWII veteran?

Our comprehensive individual research service can show you:

  • Exactly when a WWII veteran joined or left a particular unit.
  • The battles a WWII veteran took part in.
  • Exactly where the veteran was stationed and locations he visited during WWII.
  • Often the military records will show the duties a WWII veteran held during the war. This includes when and where the WWII veteran was promoted in rank. 
  • When and where a WWII veteran was wounded or killed in action (we can often show exactly how a veteran was wounded or killed in action).
  • When and where a veteran was sent to the hospital for treatment.
  • The daily location of the WWII veteran's unit and any movements they made. This often includes map coordinates which can be translated using Google Earth to pinpoint the G.P.S. location of the Company HQ on a map. You can literally trace the steps of your WWII veteran!
  • Often the names of ships or number of the landing crafts a veteran traveled on- or went into combat aboard are included in the reports.
  • Many times there is a daily record of events which shows daily combat details within the company, troop or battery to which the individual WWII veteran was assigned. The level of combat detail varies from unit to unit.

The process

Once we have located all of the records available on your WWII veteran at the National Archives we will scan the documents into a chronological packet. This includes a summary to help guide you though the records. The bill is sent conveniently to your email address and once paid the scanned records and summary come right to your email address. Let us put our expertise to work for you so that you can better understand the experiences of your individual WWII veteran. Please fill out an order form to request a comprehensive research of your WWII veteran and we will send you a price quote for your project.

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