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We provide access to the morning reports and rosters of U.S. Army and Air Force units from WWI through Vietnam. Morning reports provide an intimate look at the daily activity within U.S. Army units during these conflicts. Morning reports show what was happening to individual men within the unit, the casualties they suffered, the locations they visited and a wide variety of other details. Unlike operational records which focus on activity within the battalion or regiment as a whole, the morning reports detail activity at the company, battery or squadron level. Morning reports are important because they allow us to trace the steps of individual men and to reconstruct the service history of many veterans whose service records were lost in the 1973 fire.

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Whether you are looking for reports from a short period or time or  whether you need reports covering the entire war, our military research specialists can locate the morning reports and rosters of the unit you are researching. Morning reports provide an exciting glimpse of the experiences of the individual men within the companies, batteries, and squadrons of many different military units. Let our expert research specialists get you the morning reports of your veteran's unit so that you can better understand the experiences of your individual veteran during the war. 

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Because each project is different in scope, our retrieval service is priced on a case by case basis. Please fill out the request form below so that we can get a more accurate idea of your research needs. We will respond promptly with a price quote.

The process

Once your project is completed we will send an invoice conveniently to your email address. You can pay this using a credit/debit card or paypal if you prefer. Payment is due at the time the invoice arrives in your email inbox. Once the invoice is paid we will send scans of the original records to your email address. Feel free to view examples of morning reports and rosters below.

Please note: Some morning reports are in poor condition and may be difficult to read. We work to make the best possible copies for our clients. 

World War 2 Army morning report sample.pdf World War 2 Army morning report sample.pdf
Size : 323.4 Kb
Type : pdf
WWI morning reports-rosters.pdf WWI morning reports-rosters.pdf
Size : 6153.907 Kb
Type : pdf
WWII Enlisted Roster.pdf WWII Enlisted Roster.pdf
Size : 4403.88 Kb
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