Find out what medals your Air Corps Veteran was awarded 

We offer access to WWII Army Air Force Award Cards as a way to show what medals an individual Air Corps Veteran was awarded. Air Force Award Cards are exciting because they offer a way to locate the actual orders for awards which will show us what these WWII Veteran's did to win their medals. Air Force Award Cards are especially useful in providing information about WWII Veterans whose records were lost in the 1973 fire. Let us help you gain a better understanding of how your veteran experienced WWII. Scroll down to order your veteran's award cards.


Prices for WWII Air Force Award Cards 

Air Force Award Cards are $35 per card. Our research specialists will strive to locate award cards for all of the awards your veteran won during the war. Most Award Cards are ready within a few weeks. Once we have located your veteran's Air Force Award Cards we will scan them for you. Once payment is received the records are sent conveniently to your email inbox. Fill out the order form to request your WWII Veteran's Award Cards.  Feel free to download an example of a WWII Award Card from the menu below.

View examples of WWII Air Force Award Cards 

WWII Air Force Award Cards.pdf WWII Air Force Award Cards.pdf
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WWII Award  Cards.pdf WWII Award Cards.pdf
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Air Force Awards Card.pdf Air Force Awards Card.pdf
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