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There are a lot of websites claiming to be able to deliver military personnel files. What makes Golden Arrow Research different? 

We have research specialists physically on-site at the National Personnel Records Center where your veteran's official military personnel file is held. We scan the entire military personnel file of your Marine Corps veteran page by page, in full color and deliver the file to you via email within 1-2 weeks. No other company offers this service-neither does the National Archives.

All of the other sites claiming to have records on your veteran are simply attempting to get you to sign up for a paid subscription at their site so that they can provide you with basic information which you probably already have: date of birth, enlistment date and so forth. By contrast, we can get you EVERYTHING in your veteran's official military personnel file at the National Personnel Records Center without the months of waiting, and you get full color scans of the originals.

What kinds of records will I receive?  

Official military personnel files of U.S. Marine Corps veterans held at the  National Archives typically include the following: a period photograph of the Marine Corps veteran, units the veteran was part of, promotions, ranks, duties, campaigns, battle participation, medals, citations describing heroics performed in battle,commendations, names of ships your veteran sailed aboard, locations the veteran visited, medical and dental records, court martial records, disciplinary records, training records, records on family and children of the veteran, details on civilian occupations and much more. Marine Corps personnel files usually contain about 50 to 150 pages documenting the service of the Marine. 

See examples of our work

Don't just take our word for it. View examples of our work. Click on the samples below to view examples of official military service records we have scanned for our clients. You can have a complete personnel file on your veteran just like these within days!

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Ullmann U.S.M.C..pdf Ullmann U.S.M.C..pdf
Size : 27073.063 Kb
Type : pdf
Laukes U.S.M.C..pdf Laukes U.S.M.C..pdf
Size : 17180.913 Kb
Type : pdf
Anthony U.S.M.C..pdf Anthony U.S.M.C..pdf
Size : 26184.342 Kb
Type : pdf
Scholz U.S.M.C..pdf Scholz U.S.M.C..pdf
Size : 10417.071 Kb
Type : pdf

Can I get these military records for free? 

Nope. Whether you get these records from our company or directly from the National Archives you will have to pay for them. WWII U.S. Marine Corps personnel records are considered 'archival' and there is no way to get any complete 'archival' personnel file for free anywhere. 

How much does it cost?

Marine Corps personnel records are between $75 and $100 depending on the size of the record. There are no subscriptions, no lengthy forms to fill out, and no waiting months for grainy photocopies to arrive in your mailbox. We scan your veteran's complete U.S. Marine Corps personnel record page by page, on-site at the National Archives. When we have the entire personnel file scanned we send an invoice to your email inbox. You can pay this using a debit/credit card or Paypal if you prefer. Once the invoice is paid we send the scanned personnel records of your Marine Corps veteran right to your email address. Simple, convenient and fast.  Fill out the form below to order your Marine's service record.

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