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Research your Korean War veteran:

Using daily unit records, rosters, medical records, military service records, and individual flight records among many other resources we can follow individual Korean War veterans through the Korean War to show you where they were and what they did while on their tour of duty. This process is essential to understanding the experiences of individual veterans of the Korean War. Our one of a kind service is especially exciting since the vast majority of Korean War Army service records were lost in the 1973 National Archives fire. Our experience and expertise enables us to reconstruct the service history of your individual Korean War veteran and to give you a glimpse of the experiences that he had during the war. Our military research specialists are on site at the U.S. National Archives and have have access to a variety of records on your veteran and his unit. We can use these records to reconstruct his service history during the Korean conflict-even if his service records were lost in the 1973 fire. Our comprehensive research service is a unique process which is not offered by any other company-not even the National Archives. Contact us to start researching your Korean War veteran today!

What kind of information can we find out about your Korean War veteran?

Our comprehensive individual research service can show you:

  • Exactly when a Korean War veteran joined or left a particular unit.
  • The battles a Korean War veteran took part in.
  • Exactly where the veteran was stationed and locations he visited during the Korean conflict.
  • Often the military records will show the duties a Korean War veteran held during the war. This includes when and where the Korean War veteran was promoted in rank. 
  • When and where a Korean War veteran was wounded or killed in action (we can often show exactly how a veteran was wounded or killed in action).
  • When and where a Korean War veteran was sent to the hospital for treatment.
  • The daily location of the Korean War veteran's unit and any movements they made.You can literally trace the steps of your Korean War veteran!
  • Many times there is a daily record of events which shows daily combat details within the company, troop or battery to which the individual Korean War veteran was assigned. The level of combat detail varies from unit to unit.

The process

Once we have located all of the records available on your Korean War veteran at the National Archives we will scan the documents into a chronological packet. This includes a summary to help guide you though the records. The bill is sent conveniently to your email address and once paid the scanned records and summary come right to your email address. Payment is due at the time that the invoice arrives in your email inbox. Let us put our expertise to work for you so that you can better understand the experiences of your individual Korean War veteran. Please fill out an order form to request a comprehensive research of your Korean War veteran and we will send you a price quote for your project.

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38th Parallel

Arizona Line
Battle of Battle Mountain
Battle of Bloody Ridge
Battle of Ch’ongch’on River
Battle of Chipyong-ni
Battle of Chochiwon
Battle of Chongju
Battle of Chosin Reservoir
Battle of Chuam-ni
Battle of Haman
Battle of Heartbreak Ridge
Battle of Hill 282
Battle of Hill Eerie
Battle of Hoengsong
Battle of Hwanggan
Battle of Imjin River
Battle of Inchon
Battle of Ka-san
Battle of Kapyong
Battle of Kujin
Battle of Kumsong
Battle of Kyongju
Battle of Maehwa-San
Battle of Masan
Battle of Naktong Bulge
Battle of Nam River
Battle of P’ohnag-dong
Battle of Old Baldy
Battle of Onjong
Battle of Osan
Battle of Old Baldy
Battle of Onjong
Battle of Osan
Battle of P’ohang-dong
Battle of Pakchon
Battle of Pork Chop Hill
Battle of Pusan Perimeter
Battle of Pyongtaek
Battle of Pyongyang
Battle of Samichon River
Battle of Sangju
Battle of Sariwon
Battle of Seoul
Battle of Tabu-dong
Battle of Taegu
Battle of Taejon
Battle of Triangle Hill
Battle of Twin Tunnels
Battle of the Bowling Alley
Battle of the Hook
Battle of the Notch
Battle of the Punchbowl
Battle of Unsan
Battle of White Horse
Battle of Wonju
Battle of Yongdong
Battle of Yongju
Battle of Yongsan
Battle of Yunshan
Chinese New Year Offensive
Chinese Spring Offensive
Chongchon River
Demilitarized Zone
Far East Command
Fifth Phase Offensive
First Phase Offensive
Fourth Phase Offensive
Gettysburg of the Korean War
Great Naktong Offensive
Hungnam Evacuation
Iron Triangle
Joint Strategic Operations Group
Line Kansas
Military Air Transport Service
Naktong River
Operation Chromite
Operation Fireball
Operation Rat Killer
Operation Showdown
Operation Wonsan
Second Phase Offensive
Sikorsky H-19
Third Phase Offensive
Utah Line
Yalu River


Dodge M37
Hadong Ambush
Home-by-Christmas Offensive
Hungnam Evacuation
Korean Communications Zone
Korean Military Advisory Group
M24 Chaffee
M26 Pershing Tank
M4A3 Sherman Tank
M46 Patton
Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
Operation Blue Hearts
Operation Courageous
Operation Killer
Operation Ripper
Operation Roundup
Operation Tailboard
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Tomahawk
Operation Wolfhound
Polar Bear Regiment
Pusan Quartermaster Base Depot Company
Siege of Outpost Harry
Task Force Dolvin
Task Force Faith
Task Force Kean
Task Force Lynch
Task Force Maclean
Task Force Smith
Task Force Wilson
Triangulation Hill
Willys M38

101st Signal Battalion
105th Finance Disbursing Section
106th Finance Disbursing Section
106th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
107th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
107th Transportation Truck Company
108th Quartermaster Bakery Company
1092nd Engineer Combat Battalion
109th Engineer Combat Battalion
10th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
10th Engineer Combat Battalion
10th Field Artillery Battalion
10th Military Police Company POW
10th Military Police Service Company
10th Ranger Company
10th Special Service Company
10th Station Hospital
110th Quartermaster Bakery Company
110th Replacement Battalion Pipeline
112th Infantry Regiment
114th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
115th Medical Battalion
1169th Engineer Group
116th Engineer Combat Battalion
117th Army Postal Unit
119th Medical Detachment (Inchon)
11th Engineer Combat Battalion
11th Field Artillery Battalion
11th Medical Evacuation Hospital
11th Pathfinder Team
11th Ranger Company
120th Engineer Combat Battalion
120th Medical Company
121st Medical Evacuation Hospital
121st Transportation Truck Company
123rd Medical Holding Company
126th Signal Service Company
1279th Engineer Combat Battalion
127th Engineer Battalion
12th Field Artillery Battalion
12th Field Artillery Regiment
12th Ranger Company
131st Transportation Truck Company
1343rd Engineer Combat Battalion
138th Engineer Pontoon Bridge Company
13rd Ordnance Park Company
13th Engineer Combat Battalion
13th Field Artillery Battalion
13th Quartermaster Battalion
13th Ranger Company
13th Signal Company
130th Quartermaster Bakery Company
13th Transportation Company
140th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
140th Armored Reconnaissance Company
140th Medium Tank Battalion
142nd Quartermaster Battalion
1437th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
1438th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
143rd Field Artillery Battalion
145th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
145th Field Artillery Battalion
147th Field Artillery Battalion
148 Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
14th Engineer Combat Battalion
14th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
14th Infantry Regiment
14th Port Transportation Battalion
14th Ranger Company
151st Engineer Combat Battalion
153rd Port Transportation Company
154th Port Transportation Company
155th Port Transportation Company
158th Field Artillery Battalion
158th Field Artillery Regiment
159th Field Artillery Battalion
15th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
15th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
15th Field Artillery Battalion
15th Field Artillery Regiment
15th Infantry Regiment
15th Medical Battalion
15th Quartermaster Company
15th Ranger Company
15th Replacement Company
160th Field Artillery Battalion
160th Field Artillery Regiment
160th Infantry Regiment
161st Ordnance Depot Company
163rd Medical Battalion
163rd Military Intelligence Service Detachment
163rd Transportation Car Company
164th Military Intelligence Service Detachment
164th Military Police POW Processing Company
1666th Medical Company
167th Signal Photo Company
167th Transportation Truck Battalion
168th Depot
169th Depot
16th Armored Reconnaissance Company
16th Tank Battalion
171st Field Artillery Battalion
171st Medical Evacuation Hospital
172nd Station Hospital
176th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
179th Field Artillery Battalion
179th Infantry Regiment
17th Field Artillery Battalion
17th Infantry Regiment
17th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
180th Field Artillery Battalion
180th Infantry Regiment
181st Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
181st Signal Depot Company
185th Engineer Combat Battalion
187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team
187th Field Artillery Observation Battalion
187th Infantry Regiment
1891st Engineer Aviation Battalion
189th Field Artillery Battalion
189th Field Artillery Regiment
1903rd Engineer Aviation Battalion
191st Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
193rd Heavy Tank Battalion
194th Engineer Combat Battalion
195th Ordinance Depot Company
196th Field Artillery Battalion
19th Engineer Combat Group
19th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
19th Infantry Regiment
19th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
19th Quartermaster Supply Company
1st Base Post Office
1st Cavalry Division
1st Cavalry Division Artillery
1st Cavalry Division Band
1st Field Artillery
1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion
1st Loudspeaker and Leaflet Company (8239 AU)
1st Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
1st Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
1st Ranger Company
1st Tank Battalion
200th Engineer Combat Company
201st Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
204th Field Artillery Battalion
205th Signal Repair Company
20th Military Police Criminal Detachment
20th Quartermaster Supply Company
20th Signal Company
212th Medical Detachment (52 Med Battalion)
212th Military Police Company - Corps
213th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
213th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
216th Antiaircraft Artillery Group
217th Medical Collection Company
21st Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
21st Chemical Decontamination Company
21st Criminal Investigation Detachment
21st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
21st Infantry Regiment
21st Medical Battalion
21st Medical Evacuation Hospital
21st Ordnance Company
21st Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
21st Port Transportation Company
21st Transportation Car Company
21st Transportation Medium Port - Inchon
223rd Infantry Regiment
224th Infantry Regiment
226th Ordnance Base Depot
226th Signal Service Company
227th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
229th Ordnance Base Depot
229th Signal Company
22nd Antiaircraft Artillery Group
22nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
22nd Medical Evacuation Hospital (10th Station 51)
22nd Signal Group
231st Engineer Combat Battalion
231st Transportation Truck Battalion
232nd Medical Battalion
235th Field Artillery Observation Battalion
238th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion - Japan
23rd Chemical Battalion
23rd Infantry Regiment
23rd Military Police Criminal Detachment
23rd Quartermaster Group
23rd Regimental Combat Team
23rd Signal Construction Battalion
245th Medium Tank Battalion
248th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
249th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
24th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
24th Armored Reconnaissance Company
24th Division Artillery
24th Engineer Group
24th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Control Detachment
24th Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division Band
24th Infantry Regiment
24th Medical Battalion
24th Military Police Company - Division
24th Ordnance Division
24th Quartermaster Company
24th Replacement Company
24th Signal Company
250th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
252nd Transportation Truck Company
254th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
259th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
25th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
25th Armored Reconnaissance Company
25th Chemical Decontamination Company
25th Division Artillery
25th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
25th Infantry Division
25th Infantry Division Band
25th Machine Records Unit
25th Medical Battalion
25th Medical Evacuation Hospital
25th Military Police Company - Division
25th Ordnance Company - Division
25th Quartermaster Company
25th Replacement Company
25th Signal Company
265th Quartermaster Petroleum Supply Company
26th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
26th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon
26th Signal Battalion
272nd Signal Construction Company
279th General Hospital
279th Infantry Regiment
27th Infantry Regiment
27th Ordnance Maintenance Company
287th Quartermaster Refrigeration Company
289th Military Police Company
28th Transportation Truck Company
28th Transportation Truck Company
293rd Army Band GHQ FECOM
293rd Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
295th Ordnance Company
295th Quartermaster Bath Company
296th Brigade Support Battalion
296th Transportation Truck Battalion
297th Quartermaster Supply Depot
298th Truck Battalion Light
2998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
29th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
29th Infantry Regiment
2nd Adjutant General - Post Office
2nd Armored Reconnaissance Company
2nd Base Post Office
2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion
2nd Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment
2nd Disbursing Section - Finance Corps
2nd Division Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
2nd Division Artillery
2nd Engineer Battalion
2nd Engineer Boat Shore Regiment
2nd Engineer Combat Battalion
2nd Engineer Group Headquarters
2nd Engineer Special Brigade
2nd Field Artillery Observation Battalion
2nd Helicopter Detachment
2nd Infantry Division
2nd Infantry Division Band
2nd Infantry Warrior Division
2nd Logistical Command
2nd Medical Battalion
2nd Medium Tank Battalion
2nd Military Police Company - Division
2nd Military Police Criminal Investigation Detachment
2nd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (8225 MASH)
2nd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Detachment
2nd Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
2nd Quartermaster Company
2nd Ranger Company
2nd Replacement Company
2nd Rocket Field Artillery Battery
2nd Signal Company
300th Armored Field Artillery
301st Communications Reconnaissance Battalion
301st Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
302nd Military Intelligence Service Company
303rd Communications Reconnaissance Battalion
304th Communications Reconnaissance Battalion
304th Engineer Dump Truck Company
304th Signal Battalion
306th Engineer Dump Truck Company
307th Military Police Battalion
308th Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
30th Anti-Aircraft Artillery AW Battalion
30th Medical Group (Seoul)
30th Ordnance Aviation Maintenance Company
30th Ordnance Battalion
30th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
313th Engineer Utilities Detachment
314th Ordnance Group
31st Field Artillery Battalion
31st Infantry Regiment
31st Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
31st Preventive Medicine Company
323rd Engineer Light Equipment Company
325th Quartermaster Battalion
326th Communications Reconnaissance Company
327th Communications Reconnaissance Company
328th Ordnance Battalion
329th Communications Reconnaissance Company
32nd Engineer Group - Construction
32nd Infantry Regiment
32nd Ordnance Battalion
32nd Quartermaster Group
330th Communications Reconnaissance Company
330th Ordnance Depot Company
335th Ordnance Battalion
3364th Medium Tank Battalion
336th Engineer Utilities Detachment
341st Engineer Bridge Panel Company
34th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Regiment Medical Company
34th Ordnance Depot Company
350th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
351st Communications Reconnaissance Company
351st Highway Transportation Group
351st Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
352nd Communications Reconnaissance Company
35th Engineer Combat Battalion
35th Infantry Regiment
35th Station Hospital
363rd Ordnance Ammunition Company
366th Engineer Aviation Battalion
368th Military Intelligence Battalion
369th Engineer Boat Maintenance Company
36th Engineer Combat Group
376th Engineer Construction Battalion
376th Engineer Construction Battalion
377th Transportation Truck Company
378th Engineer Combat Battalion
37th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
37th Field Artillery Battalion
37th Medical Company - Prevention
37th Medical Helicopter Ambulance Detachment
380th Engineer Boat Maintenance Company
382nd General Hospital - Kanoaka Japan
388th Chemical Smoke Generation Company
388th Engineer Pipeline Company
38th Field Artillery Battalion
38th Infantry Regiment
38th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
38th Replacement Company
392nd Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
395th Station Hospital
396th Transportation Truck Company
398th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
39th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
39th Field Artillery Battalion
3rd Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
3rd Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
3rd Armored Reconnaissance Company
3rd Army Division
3rd Division Artillery
3rd Engineer Combat Battalion
3rd Field Hospital (Pusan)
3rd Helicopter Detachment
3rd Infantry Brigade
3rd Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division Band
3rd Light Aviation Section
3rd Logistical Command
3rd Medical Battalion
3rd Military Police Company
3rd Military Police Service Company
3rd Military Railway Service
3rd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Detachment
3rd Quartermaster Company
3rd Ranger Company
3rd Reconnaissance Company
3rd Replacement Company
3rd Signal Company
3rd Transportation Amphibious Truck Company
3rd Transportation Marine Maintenance Detachment
402nd Quartermaster Battalion
406th Medical General Laboratory
407th Transportation
409th Engineer Brigade - Japan
40th Armored Reconnaissance Company
40th Division Artillery
40th Infantry Division
40th Infantry Division Aviation Company
40th Military Police Company - Division
40th Quartermaster Company
40th Replacement Company
40th Signal Company
412th Engineer Construction Battalion
413th Ordnance Maintenance Company
417th Engineer Aviation Brigade
419th Engineer Topographic Detachment
41st Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
41st Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
420th Engineer Aviation Topographic Detachment
421st Medical Collection Company
424th Field Artillery Battalion
425th Transportation Traffic Headquarters Detachment - Service
42nd Engineer Construction Battalion
42nd Transportation Truck Company
430th Engineer Construction Battalion
434th Engineer Construction Battalion
439th Engineer Construction Battalion
43rd Engineer Construction Battalion
43rd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
43rd Transportation Truck Company
440th Aviation Signal Construction Battalion
441st Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
442nd Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
443 Quartermaster Battalion
443rd Quartermaster Base Depot
445th Ordnance Ammunition Company
44th Engineer Construction Battalion
44th Ordnance Depot Company
44th Surgical Hospital Unit
453rd Engineer Construction Battalion
456th Military Police Company
45th Armored Reconnaissance Company
45th Division Field Artillery
45th Engineer Group
45th Infantry Division
45th Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
45th Military Police Company - Division
45th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
45th Quartermaster Company
45th Signal Company
461st Infantry Battalion
461st Ordnance Ammunition Company
46th Surgical Hospital Unit
46th Transportation Truck Company
470th Quartermaster Bakery Company
473rd Quartermaster Supply Company
475th Ordnance Depot
477th Engineer Combat Battalion
477th Veterinary Food Inspection Detachment
47th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
47th Ordnance Light Aircraft Maintenance Company
47th Transport Army Aircraft Maintenance Company
481st Ordnance Ammunition Group
485th Engineer Dump Truck Company
48th Field Artillery
48th Field Artillery Battalion
48th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
48th Transportation Traffic Detachment
491st Quartermaster Petroleum Depot
49th Field Artillery Battalion
49th Transportation Truck Company
4th Air Photo Interpretation Company
4th Chemical Battalion
4th Field Hospital
4th Helicopter Detachment
4th Medium Tank Battalion
4th Ordnance Battalion
4th Quartermaster Petroleum Products Lab
4th Ranger Company
4th Signal Battalion
501st Army Security (Com Reconnaissance Group)
501st Engineer Supply Point Company
501st Engineer Supply Point Company
501st Harbor Craft Company
501st Quartermaster Battalion
502nd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
502nd Military Intelligence Battalion (CIC)
502nd Ordnance Depot Platoon
502nd Reconnaissance Platoon
503rd Field Artillery Battalion
503rd Reconnaissance Platoon
504th Quartermaster Service Company
504th Transportation Truck Company
505th Military Intelligence Service Platoon
505th Quartermaster Reclamation and Maintenance Company
505th Transportation Truck Company
506th Quartermaster Petroleum Supply Company
507th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion - Mobile
507th Military Intelligence Service Platoon
507th Signal Company
508th Ordnance Detachment
508th Quartermaster Salvage Company
508th Signal Company - Service
509th Ordnance Technical Intelligence Detachment
50th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
50th Port Construction Company
50th Signal Service Detachment
510th Transportation Truck Company
511th Quartermaster Service Company
512nd Engineer Dump Truck Company
512th Military Police Company - Corps
512th Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company
513rd Transportation Truck Company
514th Medical Clearing Company
514th Transportation Truck Company
515th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
515th Quartermaster Salvage Company
515th Transportation Truck Company
516th Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Company
518th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
518th Signal Company - Radio Relay
519th Military Police Battalion
51st Field Artillery Battalion
51st Military Police Company - CID
51st Radio Company
51st Signal Battalion
521st Military Intelligence Company
522nd Signal Construction Company
523rd Engineer Petroleum Distributing Company
523rd Engineer Petroleum Distributing Company
524th Military Intelligence Battalion
525th Engineer Fire-Fighting Platoon
526th Engineer Bridge Panel Company
527th Quartermaster Service Company
527th Quartermaster Technical Intelligence Detachment
529th Quartermaster Petroleum Supply Company
528th Military Intelligence Service Platoon
52nd Engineer Topographic Company
52nd Field Artillery Battalion
52nd Medical Battalion
52nd Ordnance Ammunition Company
52nd Replacement Company
52nd Transportation Truck Battalion
52nd Truck Transportation Battalion
530th Quartermaster Service Company
531st Transportation Truck Company
532nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
532nd Signal Construction Company
533rd Engineer Technical Intelligence Team
533rd Ordnance Reclamation and Classification Company
534th Transportation Truck Company
536th Engineer Maintenance Company
536th Transportation Truck Company
537th Quartermaster Laundry Company
538th Engineer Maintenance Company
539th Quartermaster Laundry Company
539th Transportation Truck Company
540th Transportation Truck Company
541st Transportation Truck Company
542nd Medical Clearing Company
545th Military Police Company
545th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
545th Quartermaster Service Company
547th Engineer Combat Battalion
548th Engineer Battalion
548th General Dispensary
549th Quartermaster Laundry Company
54th Engineer Field Maintenance Company
54th Quartermaster Battalion
54th Transportation Heavy Truck Company
54th Transportation Heavy Truck Company
54th Transportation Heavy Truck Company
54th Transportation Traffic Detachment
550th Quartermaster Refrigeration Company
551st Transportation Truck Company
552nd Engineer Base Depot
552nd Military Police Company
552nd Signal Company (58 Signal Company)
553rd Heavy Truck Company
553rd Transportation Traffic Detachment
555th Field Artillery Battalion
555th Military Police Battalion
556th Radio Relay Company
556th Transportation Heavy Truck Company
557th Engineer Technical Detachment
557th Signal Radio Relay Company
558th Amphibious Truck Company
558th Military Police Company - Corps
559th Medical Ambulance Company
55th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
55th Military Police Company
55th Ordnance Ammunition Company
55th Quartermaster Base Depot
55th Signal Repair Company
55th Transportation Truck Battalion
560th Composite Service Company
560th Medical Ambulance Company
560th Military Police Company - Corps
560th Quartermaster Service Company
561st Medical Ambulance Company
561st Military Police Service Company
562nd Engineer Boat Maintenance Battalion
563rd Military Police Company
564th Quartermaster Supply Depot Company
565th Military Police Service Company
565th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
567th Engineer Service Company
567th Medical Ambulance Company
568th Medical Ambulance Company
568th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
569th Quartermaster Office Machine Repair Detachment
570th Engineer Water Company
570th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
571st Engineer Dump Truck Company
573rd Engineer Pontoon Company
578th Engineer Combat Battalion
579th Quartermaster Office Machine Repair Detachment
57th Field Artillery Battalion
57th Military Police Company
57th Ordnance Recovery Company
580th Quartermaster Office Machine Repair Detachment
580th Quartermaster Service Company
581st Quartermaster Office Machine Repair Detachment
581st Quartermaster Party Company
581st Signal Company - Radio Relay
582nd Quartermaster Reclamation and Maintenance Company
582rd Ordnance Reclamation and Maintenance Company
584th Medical Ambulance Company
584th Transportation Truck Company
589th Quartermaster Technical Intelligence Detachment
58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
58th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
58th Field Artillery Battalion
58th Military Police Battalion
58th Ordnance Ammunition Company
58th Quartermaster Salvage Company
58th Signal Support Company
590th Quartermaster Technical Intelligence Detachment
590th Signal Construction Company
593rd Transportation Traffic Regulation Detachment
595th Engineer Dump Truck Company
595th Military Police Escort Company
59th Military Police Company
59th Ordnance Group - 8th Army
5th Cavalry Regiment
5th Field Artillery
5th Field Artillery Group
5th Infantry Light Aviation Section
5th Infantry Regiment
5th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
5th Quartermaster Petroleum Products Lab
5th Ranger Company
5th Regimental Combat Team
60th Army Security Company (GHQ FECOM)
60th Engineer Base Depot Company
60th Engineer Depot Company - TSP
60th Medical Depot
60th Ordnance Group
60th Ordnance Headquarters
60th Quartermaster General Depot
60th Signal Service Company
60th Tank Battalion
60th Transportation Truck Company
615th Quartermaster Depot Company
618th Medical Clearing Company
619th Ordnance Ammunition Company
61st Engineer Searchlight Company
61st Field Artillery Battalion
61st Field Artillery Observation Battalion
61st Quartermaster Petroleum Products Lab
622nd Engineer Aviation Maintenance Company
622th Military Police Company - Corps
623rd Field Artillery Battalion
625th Field Artillery Battalion
629th Medical Clearing Company
62nd Engineer Construction Battalion
62nd Engineer Topographic Company
630th Engineer Light Equipment Company
630th Ordnance Ammunition Company
633rd Engineer Light Equipment Company
636th Ordnance Ammunition Company
63rd Field Artillery Battalion
64th Engineer Topographic Battalion
64th Field Artillery Battalion
64th Field Hospital
64th Heavy Tank Battalion
658th Quartermaster Laundry Company
65th Engineer Combat Battalion
65th Infantry Regiment
65th Medical Group
65th Ordnance Ammunition Company
65th Regimental Combat Team
65th Signal Depot Company
665th Transportation Truck Company
66th Ordnance Battalion Headquarters
674th Field Artillery Battalion
67th Ordnance Battalion HQ
68th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
68th Chemical Smoke Generation Company
696th Ordnance Ammunition Company
69th Chemical Smoke Generation Company
69th Engineer Topographic Company - Corps
69th Field Artillery Battalion
69th Ordnance Ammunition Company
6th Historical Detachment
6th Medical Depot
6th Medium Tank Battalion
6th Military Police Service Company (Provisional)
6th Quartermaster Group
6th Quartermaster Products Lab
6th Ranger Company
6th Transportation Company
700th Engineer Pipeline Company
700th Ordnance Maintenance Company
700th Support Battalion
702nd Ordnance Maintenance Battalion
703rd Ordnance Maintenance Company
705th Military Intelligence Detachment (CIC)
707th Ordnance Maintenance Company
70th Tank Battalion
70th Transportation Battalion - Truck Detachment
710th Military Police Company - Corps
712nd Engineer Bridge Company
712th Transportation Battalion Railway Operations
712th Transportation Truck Company
714th Transportation Battalion Railway Operations
715th Transportation Truck Company
71st Chemical Smoke Generation Company
71st Heavy Tank Battalion
71st Ordnance Depot Company
71st Signal Battalion
720th Military Police Battalion
724th Ordnance Maintenance Company
724th Transportation Battalion Railway Operations
725th Ordnance Maintenance Company
726th Transportation Truck Company
728th Military Police Battalion
72nd Engineer Combat Company
72nd Engineering Detachment
72nd Medium Tank Battalion
733 Engineer Aviation Supply Point Company
739th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
73rd Engineer Combat Battalion
73rd Heavy Tank Battalion
73rd Ordnance Base Depot Company
73rd Transportation Truck Company
740th Ordnance Battalion
744th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment
74th Engineer Combat Battalion
74th Engineer Heavy Equipment Company
74th Transportation Truck Company
758th Quartermaster Sales Company
75th Field Artillery Battalion
764th Transportation Railway Shop Battalion
765th Transportation Car Company
765th Transportation Railway Shop Battalion
76th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
76th Engineer Construction Battalion
76th Engineer Dump Truck Company
76th Theater Headquarters
772nd Military Police Battalion
773rd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
77th Engineer Combat Company
77th Field Artillery Battalion
77th Headquarters Special Troops
77th Medium Tank Battalion
780th Field Artillery Battalion
78th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
78th Engineer Combat Battalion
78th Headquarters Special Troops
78th Heavy Tank Battalion
790th Quartermaster Reclamation and Maintenance Company
79th Engineer Construction Battalion
79th Medium Tank Battalion
7th Adjutant General - Post Office
7th Armored Reconnaissance Company
7th Cavalry Regiment
7th Division Artillery
7th Infantry Division
7th Infantry Division Aviation Company (P)
7th Infantry Division Band
7th Infantry Division Regimental Combat Team
7th Infantry Regiment
7th Medical Battalion
7th Medical Dispensary
7th Medium Tank Battalion
7th Military Police Company - Division
7th Motor Transport Battalion
7th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
7th Port Transportation Company
7th Quartermaster Company
7th Quartermaster Products Lab
7th Ranger Company
7th Signal Company
7th Transportation Major Port
8001st Depot
8014th Station Company
8017th Station Company
801st Engineer Aviation Battalion
802 Quartermaster Service Company
8022nd Installation Support Headquarters
8023rd Station Company
8025th Station Company
802nd Engineer Aviation Battalion
8030th Army Unit
8033rd Army Unit Special Troops
8035th Signal Service Company
8036th Signal Service Company
8038th Map Service
8043rd Army Unit
8044th Military Police Detachment
8044th Prison Detachment
8046th Maintenance Repair
804th Station Hospital
8050th Army Unit
8050th Quartermaster Supply Company
8051st Army Unit
8051st Quartermaster Service Company
8052nd Communications 
8054th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8055th Army Unit
8055th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8056th Army Unit
8056th Depot
8057th Transportation Port Company
8058th Army Unit
8063rd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8065th Medical Depot
8066th Reconnaissance Platoon
8068th Army Unit RYCOM Quartermaster
8068th Replacement Depot
8069th Replacement Battalion
8070th Military Police Detachment
8073rd Army Unit
8074th Army Unit
8075th Theater Headquarters - Radio Relay
8076th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
8076th Sub Command Headquarters
8077 Army Unit
8078th Depot
8082nd Motor Pool
8085th Army Aviation Unit
8086th Army Unit Special Troops
8089th Depot
808th Engineer Aviation Battalion
8091st Replacement Depot
8095th Training Center
8097th Army Unit
8098th Army Unit
809th Engineer Aviation Battalion
8100th Army Unit Special Troops
8104th Theater Headquarters
8108th Motor Pool
8116 Transportation
811th Engineer Aviation Battalion
8123 Ordnance Maintenance (4124AU)
8137th Army Unit Military Police Group
8138th Army Unit Hospital Trains
8161st Army Unit
8167th Army Hospital Tokyo
8169th Depot
8178th AU Army Unit Aviation Maintenance Heavy
817th Engineer Aviation Battalion
8189 Signal Service Battalion
8190th Army Unit
8192nd Helicopter Detachment
8193rd Helicopter Detachment
819th Quartermaster Bath Company
81st Engineer Combat Battalion
8201st Civilian Supply (KCAC-UNCACK)
8202nd Army Unit Missions Command
8203rd Army Unit Headquarters POW Command
8204th Headquarters Special Troops
8206th Training Center
8207th Headquarters Special Troops
8209th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
820th Engineer Aviation Battalion
8210th Military Police Detachment
8212nd Transient Reception Center
8213rd Army Unit
8214 AU American Forces Korea Network
8219th Artillery Topographic Map Service
821st Quartermaster Bath Company
8221st AU Field Artillery Topographical Meteorological Detachment
8222nd Army Unit
8224th Army Unit
8225 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (2nd MASH)
8226th Communications GHQ Long Lines Signal Group
8227th Joint Projects
8228th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
822th Engineer Aviation Battalion
8232d Army Unit - Tokyo FECOM
8233 Army Unit Honor Guard - Tokyo FECOM
8234th Publication Service
8237th Army Unit - Headquarters Finance
823rd Ordnance Depot Company
8240th Army Unit Special Forces
8244th Military Intelligence Detachment
8245th GHQ Raider Company
8247th Port Agencies
8249th Theater Headquarters
82nd Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
82nd Engineer Pipeline Company
82nd Field Artillery Battalion
82nd Ordnance Aviation Maintenance Company
82nd Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
833rd Ordnance Depot Company
839th Engineer Aviation Battalion
840th Engineer Aviation Battalion
841th Engineer Aviation Battalion
849th Quartermaster Mobile Petroleum Supply Company
84th Engineer Construction Battalion
856th Quartermaster Bath Company
858th Ordnance Ammunition Company
85th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
8609th Army Unit
8610 Army Unit
863rd Port Transportation Company
865th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (SP)
8668th Army Unit Missions Command
866th Port Transportation Company
86th Engineer Searchlight Company
872nd Quartermaster Bath Company
87th Medium Tank Battalion
88th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
88th Military Police Company - Corps
899th Quartermaster Laundry Company
89th Medium Tank Battalion (8072)
89th Ordnance Field Maintenance Company
8th Army
8th Army Company
8th Army Signal Corps - EUSAK
8th Cavalry Regiment
8th Engineer Combat Battalion
8th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
8th Field Artillery Battalion
8th Military Police Company
90th Field Artillery Battalion
915th Medical Ambulance Company
919th Engineer Aviation Maintenance Company
91st Engineer Water Company
91st Military Police Battalion
91st Training Center
920th Ordnance Detachment
92nd Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion
92nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion
92nd Artillery Observation Battalion
92nd Chemical Service Company
92nd Engineer Searchlight Company
92nd Military Police Battalion
930st Engineer Aviation Group
930th Ordnance Ammunition Company
931st Engineer Aviation Group
933rd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion – Mobile
934th Engineer Aviation Group
936th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
937th Field Artillery Battalion
93rd Engineer Combat Battalion
93rd Military Police Battalion
945th Quartermaster Service Company
953rd Field Artillery Battalion 
955th Field Artillery Battalion
95th Chemical Service Company
95th Military Police Battalion
95th Transportation Car Company
961st Quartermaster Service Company
96th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
96th Military Police Battalion
96th Quartermaster Battalion
972nd Quartermaster Laundry Company
97th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
97th Engineer Depot Company
97th Machine Records Unit
980th Field Artillery Battalion
981st Field Artillery Battalion
984th Engineer Field Maintenance Company
987th Armored Field Artillery
987th Field Artillery Battalion
98th Engineer Aerial Photo Repro Company
98th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
98th Machine Records Unit
98th Military Police Combat Battalion (Okinawa)
98th Quartermaster Service Battalion
999th Field Artillery Battalion
99th Field Artillery Battalion
9th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
9th Field Artillery Battalion
9th Infantry Regiment
9th Ranger Company
I Corps
I Corps Artillery
IX Corps
IX Corps Artillery
Koje-do Prison POW Camp
Seoul City Command
Taegu Military Command
Taejon Military Hospital
X Corps

Merchant Marine Victory Ship SS Meredith Victory

Air Force

A-1 Skyraider
A-26 Invader
Aeronca L-16
Air Force Crash Boats Detachment
Air Force Security Service
Ashiva Air Base
B-26 Invader
B-29 Superfortress
B-36 Peacemaker
B-45 Tornado
B-50 Superfortress
Battle of Suwon Airfield
Battle for the Han River Line
Brady Air Force Base
C-45 Expediter
C-46 Commando
C-47 Skytrain
C-54 Skymaster
C-119 Flying Boxcar
C-124 Globemaster
F-51 Mustang
F-80C Shooting Star
F-82 Twin Mustang
F-84 Thunderjet
F-86 Sabre
F-94 Starfire
Far East Air Forces
Haneda Air Force Base
Hungnam Missions
Itazuke Air Force Base
Iwakuni Air Force Base
Johnson Air Force Base
Kadena Air Force Base
Kimpo Airfield
Komaki Air Force Base
Kunsan Air Base
L-20 Beaver
LT-6G Texan
MiG Alley
Miho Air Force Base
Misawa Air Force Base
Mule Train
Naha Air Force Base
OA-10 Catalina
Operation Strangle
Operation Saturation
Osan-Ni Air Base
Pohang Air Base
Pusan Air Force Base
Piper L-4
Ryan L-17 Navion
SA-16 Albatross
Sinuiju Airfield
Sui-ho Dam
Suwon Air Base
Tachikawa Air Force Base
Taegu Air Force Base
Tsuki Air Force Base
Yalu River
Yokota Air Force Base
Yonpo Air base


UN Defensive Campaign
UN Offensive Campaign
Chinese Communist Forces Intervention Campaign
1st UN Counteroffensive Campaign
Chinese Communist Forces Spring Offensive Campaign
UN Summer-Fall Offensive Campaign
Second Korean Winter Campaign
Korea, Summer-Fall 1952 Campaign
Third Korean Winter Campaign
Korea, Summer 1953 Campaign

1st AACS Squadron
1st Aeromedical Group
1st Air Postal Squadron
1st Combat Cargo Group
1st Communications Squadron
1st Fighter Interceptor Squadron
1st Radio Squadron, Mobile
1st Shoran Beacon Squadron
1st Shoran Beacon Unit
1st Telephone and Carrier Squadron
1st Troop Carrier Group
10th Liaison Squadron
10th Radar Calibration Unit
101st Field Maintenance Squad
11th Food Service Squadron
11th Reconnaissance Squadron
111th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
116th Fighter-Bomber Group
116th Fighter-Bomber Wing
116th Tactical Control Squadron
12th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
12th Motor Vehicle Squadron
12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
1249th AACS Squadron
1266th Air Transport Squadron
1273rd Air Transport Squadron
13th Air Base Group
13th Bomb Squadron
13th Communications Squadron
130th Bomb Squadron
136th Communications Security Squadron
136th Fighter-Bomber Group
136th Fighter-Bomber Wing
136th Installation Squad
136th Maintenance and Supply Group
14th Troop Carrier Squadron
15th Fighter-Bomber Group
15th Radio Squadron Mobile
15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
15th Troop Carrier Squadron
15th Weather Squadron
1503rd Air Police Squadron
1503rd Air Traffic Squadron
1503rd Air Transport Wing
154th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
158th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
159th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
16th Communications Squadron
16th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
16th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
1600th Medical Group – Air Evacuation
162nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
17th Bomb Group
17th Bomb Squadron
17th Bomb Wing
1737th Ferry Squadron
18th Air Base Group
18th Communications Squadron
18th Fighter-Bomber Group
18th Fighter-Bomber Wing
18th Food Service Squadron
18th Installation Squad
18th Motor Vehicle Squadron
18th Maintenance Squadron
18th Medical Group
18th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
1808th AACS Wing
1809th AACS Group
181st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
1810th AACS Group
1811th AACS Group
1818th AACS Group
182nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron
1859th AACS Squadron
187th Fighter Squadron
19th Bomb Group
19th Bomb Squadron
19th Bomb Wing
19th Food Service Squadron
19th Special Operations Squadron
19th Troop Carrier Squadron
1932nd AACS Squadron
1935th AACS Squadron
1954th AACS Squadron
1955th AACS Squadron
196th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
1973rd AACS Squadron
1993rd AACS Squadron
2nd Air Rescue Group
2nd Air Rescue Squadron
2nd Bomb Squadron
2nd Communications Squadron
2nd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron
2nd Radio Relay Squadron
20th Air Force
20th Weather Squadron
2015th Weather Detachment
21st Troop Carrier Squadron
2143rd Air Weather Wing
2157th Air Rescue Squadron
22nd Bomb Group
22nd Bomb Squadron
22nd Bomb Wing
22nd Troop Carrier Squadron
22nd Crash Rescue Boat Squadron
2349th Personnel Processing Group
25th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
25th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
26th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
27th Air Base Group
27th Air Police Squadron
27th Fighter-Escort Group
27th Fighter-Escort Wing
27th Maintenance Squadron
27th Medical Group
27th Supply Squadron
28th Bomb Squadron
3rd AIO Ground Support
3rd Air Base Group
3rd Air Police Squadron
3rd Air Rescue Group
3rd Air Rescue Squadron
3rd Bomb Group
3rd Bomb Wing
3rd Communications Squadron
3rd Installation Squadron
3rd Maintenance Squadron
3rd Medical Group
3rd Motor Vehicle Squadron
3rd Supply Squadron
30th Bomb Squadron
30th Weather Squadron
301st Bomb Wing
307th Bomb Group
307th Bomb Squadron
307th Bomb Wing
31st Fighter Escort Wing
31st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
31st Weather Squadron
310th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
311th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
314th Air Division
314th Troop Carrier Group
315th Air Division
315th Troop Carrier Group
315th Troop Carrier Wing
319th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
324th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
325th Bomb Squadron
326th Bomb Squadron
327th Bomb Squadron
33rd Air Rescue Squadron
33rd Bomb Squadron
334th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
335th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
336th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
339th Fighter Squadron
34th Air Rescue Squadron
34th Bomb Squadron
34th Troop Carrier Squadron
342nd Bomb Squadron
343rd Bomb Squadron
343rd Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
344th Bomb Squadron
344th Troop Carrier Squadron
345th Bomb Squadron
347th Troop Carrier Wing
35th Air Police Squadron
35th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
35th Fighter-Bomber Group
35th Fighter-Interceptor Group
35th Fighter-Interceptor Wing
352nd Bomb Wing
36th Air Rescue Squadron
36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
36th Troop Carrier Squadron
363rd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
37th Air Rescue Squadron
37th Troop Carrier Squadron
370th Bomb Squadron
371st Bomb Squadron
372nd Bomb Squadron
374th Air Police Squadron
374th Food Service Squadron
374th Troop Carrier Group
374th Troop Carrier Wing
38th Air Rescue Squadron
39th Air Division
39th Air Rescue Squadron
39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
3903rd Radar Bomb Scoring Group
4th Air Base Group
4th Air Division
4th Air Police Squadron
4th Far East Air Material Squadron
4th Fighter Interceptor Group
4th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
4th Fighter Interceptor Wing
4th Maintenance and Supply Group
4th Supply Squadron
4th Troop Carrier Squadron
40th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
403rd Medical Group
403th Troop Carrier Group
403rd Troop Carrier Wing
41st Air Division
41st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
417th Engineer Aviation Brigade
42nd Air Division
428th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
429th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
43rd Troop Carrier Squadron
430th Air Police Squadron
430th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
431st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
432nd Bomb Wing
437th Troop Carrier Group
437th Troop Carrier Wing
438th Troop Carrier Wing
44th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
440th Signal Construction Battalion
446th Troop Carrier Wing
45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
452nd Air Police Squadron
452nd Bomb Group
452nd Bomb Squadron
452nd Bomb Wing
452nd Communications Squadron
452nd Food Service Squadron
452nd Maintenance Squadron
452nd Medical Group
452nd Motor Vehicle Squadron
457th Bomb Wing
46th Troop Carrier Squadron
468th Strategic Fighter Squadron
47th Bomb Group
47th Troop Carrier Squadron
474th Fighter-Bomber Group
474th Fighter-Bomber Wing
48th Fighter-Bomber Wing
48th Troop Carrier Squadron
483rh Motor Vehicle Squadron
483rd Troop Carrier Group
483rd Troop Carrier Wing
49th Air Base Group
49th Air Installation Squadron
49th Air Police Squadron
49th Air Transport Squadron
49th Fighter-Bomber Group
49th Fighter-Bomber Wing
49th Food Service Squadron
49th Motor Vehicle Squadron
5th Air Force
5th Communications Group
5th Communications Squadron
5th Motor Transport Squadron
50th Troop Carrier Squadron
502nd Tactical Control Group
509th Bomb Wing
51st Ammunition Supply Squadron
51st Fighter Interceptor Group
51st Fighter Interceptor Squadron
51st Fighter Interceptor Wing
51st Maintenance and Supply Group
51st Motor Vehicle Squadron
51st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
511th Air Control and Warning Group
512th Reconnaissance Squadron
514th Reconnaissance Squadron
522nd Fighter-Escort Squadron
523rd Fighter-Escort Squadron
524th Fighter-Escort Squadron
525th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
526th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
527th Air Control and Warning Group
528th Air Control and Warning Squadron
529th Air Control and Warning Group
53rd Troop Carrier Squadron
532nd Fighter Squadron
54th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
543rd Ammunition Supply Squadron
543rd Tactical Support Group 
547th Ammunition Supply Squadron
548th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
55th Fighter Interceptor Group
55th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
56th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
567th Ammunition Supply Squadron
57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
57th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
58th Fighter-Bomber Group
58th Maintenance and Supply Group
58th Fighter-Bomber Wing
58th Medical Group
581st Air Resupply and Communications Wing
581st Reproduction Squadron
6th Troop Carrier Squadron
6th Weather Squadron
601st Communications Squadron
6002nd Air Base Group
6002nd Supply Squadron
6002nd Tactical Support Wing
6004th Air Intelligence Service Squadron
605th Tactical Control Squadron
606th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
607th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
607th Medical Supply Squadron
608th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
61st Troop Carrier Group
61st Troop Carrier Squadron
610th Air Control and Warning Squadron
6101st Air Base Wing
6122nd Air Base Wing
6127th Air Terminal Group
613th Air Control and Warning Squadron
6131st Air Base Unit
6131st Fighter Wing
6131st Food Service Squadron
6131st Tactical Support Wing
6132nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
6132nd Tactical Control Group
6133rd Tactical Support Wing
6135th Maintenance Supply Squadron
6142nd Air Transport Unit
6143rd Air Transport Unit
6143rd Tactical Control Squadron
6144th Air Transport Unit
6146th Air Base Unit
6146th Air Force Advisory Group
6147th Air Base Group
6147th Air Base Squadron
6147th Maintenance and Supply Squadron
6147th Tactical Control Group
6148th Air Depot Wing
6148th Tactical Control Squadron
6149th Air Base Unit
6149th Air Police Squadron
6149th Tactical Control Squadron
6149th Tactical Support Wing

6150th Tactical Control Squadron
6150th Tactical Support Wing
6151st Air Base Unit
6152nd Air Base Squadron
6153rd Air Base Squadron
6154th Food Service Squadron
6157th Air Base Squadron
6158th Air Base Squadron
6160th Air Base Wing
6160th Hospital
6161st Communications Squadron
6162nd Air Base Wing
6164th Tactical Control Squadron
6166th Air Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
6167th Air Base Group
618th Air Control and Warning Squadron
62nd Troop Carrier Group
62nd Troop Carrier Squadron
620th Air Control and Warning Squadron
6202nd Fighter Wing
6208th Air Depot Wing
623rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
6204th Photo Mapping Flight
6208th Medical Group
63rd Troop Carrier Squadron
6303rd Air Transport Squadron
64th Troop Carrier Squadron
6400th Air Depot Wing
6407th Ammunition Handling Unit
6405th Korea Air Material Unit
6406th Aviation Cargo Unit
6407th Hospital
6413th Air Base Squadron 
6461st Field Maintenance Squadron
6461st Troop Carrier Squadron
6481st Medical Evacuation Group
65th Reconnaissance Technical Group
65th Troop Carrier Squadron
6530th Medical Group
6602nd Tactical Support Wing
67th Air Base Group
67th Communications Squadron
67th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
67th Maintenance Squadron
67th Medical Group
67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group
67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
68th Fighter Squadron
69th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
7th Aerial Port Squadron
7th Communications Group
7th Communications Squadron
7th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
7th Motor Transport Squadron
7th Troop Carrier Squadron
72nd Troop Carrier Squadron
728th Bomb Squadron
729th Bomb Squadron
730th Bomb Squadron
731st Bomb Squadron
75th Air Depot Wing
75th Aerial Port Squadron
75th Communications Squadron
75th Maintenance Group
75th Operations Squadron
75th Service Equipment Replacement Squadron
750th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
8th Air Base Group
8th Air Police Squadron
8th Fighter-Bomber Group
8th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
8th Fighter-Bomber Wing
8th Food Service Squadron
8th Maintenance Squadron
8th Maintenance Supply Group
8th Motor Vehicle Squadron
8th Station Medical Group
8th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
80th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
801st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron
811th Food Service Squadron
815th Troop Carrier Squadron
816th Troop Carrier Squadron
817th Troop Carrier Squadron
83rd Troop Carrier Squadron
84th Bomb Squadron
84th Troop Carrier Squadron
847th Air Control and Warning Squadron
848th Air Control and Warning Squadron
85th Bomb Squadron
85th Troop Carrier Squadron
850th Air Control and Warning Squadron
9th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
90th Bomb Squadron
90th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
92nd Bomb Group
92nd Bomb Wing
93rd Bomb Squadron
934th Signal Batallion
942nd Forward Air Control Squadron
95th Bomb Squadron
97th Bomb Group
98th Bomb Group
98th Bomb Squadron
98th Bomb Wing

Air National Guard Units that were Activated

101st Fighter-Interceptor Wing
101st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
102d Bombardment Squadron
103d Bombardment Squadron
103d Fighter-Interceptor Wing
105th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
106th Bombardment Group
106th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
107th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
108th Bombardment Squadron
108th Fighter Group
109th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
110th Composite Squadron
111th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
111th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
112th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
113th Fighter-Interceptor Wing
113th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
114th Bombardment Squadron
115th Bombardment Squadron
116th Fighter-Bomber Wing
116th Fighter Squadron
117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
117th Bombardment Squadron
118th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
120th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
121st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
122d Fighter-Interceptor Wing
122d Bombardment Squadron
123d Fighter-Bomber Wing
123d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
124th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
125th Fighter Squadron
126th Fighter-Bomber Wing
126th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
127th Fighter Squadron
127th Fighter-Bomber Wing
128th Fighter Squadron
128th Fighter-Interceptor Wing
130th Bombardment Squadron
131st Fighter-Bomber Wing
132d Fighter-Bomber Wing
132d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
133d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
133d Fighter-Interceptor Wing
134th Fighter Squadron
136th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
136th Fighter-Bomber Wing
137th Fighter-Bomber Wing
140th Fighter-Bomber Wing
141st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
142d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
142d Fighter-Interceptor Wing
146th Fighter-Bomber Wing
148th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
149th Fighter Squadron
153d Fighter Squadron
154th Fighter Squadron
155th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
156th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
157th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
158th Fighter Squadron
159th Fighter Squadron
160th Fighter Squadron
163d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
165th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
166th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
167th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
168th Bombardment Squadron


AD-1 Skyraider
AD-4 Skyraider
AF Guardian
ATS 21
Battle of the Buzz Saw
Blockade of Wonsan
Carrier Division Five
Destroyer Squadron Nine
F2H Banshee
F3D Skynight
F4U Corsair
F9F Panther
Fleet Air Wing 6
Golden Dragons
HU-1 Helicopter Utility Detachment
HU-2 Helicopter Utility Detachment
Korea Strait
Military Air Transport Service
Naval Beach Group One
Operation Kickoff
Sea of Japan
Task Element 90.62
Task Force 70
Task Force 77
Task Force 90
Task Force 95
TBF Avenger
Typhoon Karen
VA-115 Attack Squadron
VA-145 Attack Squadron (VA-702)
VA-155 Attack Squadron
VA-195 Attack Squadron
VA-45 Attack Squadron
VA-50 Attack Squadron
VA-55 Attack Squadron
VA-65 Attack Squadron
VA-702 Attack Squadron (VA-145)
VA-721 Attack Squadron
VA-728 Attack Squadron
VA-75 Attack Squadron
VA-791 Attack Squadron
VA-923 Attack Squadron
VC-11 Composite Squadron
VC-12 Composite Squadron
VC-3 Composite Squadron

Aircraft Carriers

USS Antietam (CV-36)
USS Badoeng Strait (CVE-116)
USS Bairoko (CVE-115)
USS Bataan (CVL-29)
USS Bennington (CVA-20)
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31)
USS Boxer (CV-21)
USS Cabot (CVL-28)
USS Cape Esperance (CVE-88)
USS Coral Sea (CV-43)
USS Corregidor (CVE-58)
USS Essex (CV-9)
USS Gilbert Islands (CVE-107)
USS Hornet (CVA-12)
USS Kearsarge (CV-33)
USS Lake Champlain (CV-39)
USS Leyte (CV-32)
USS Midway (CV-41)
USS Mindoro (CVE-120)
USS Oriskany (CV-34)
USS Philippine Sea (CV-47)
USS Point Cruz (CVE-119)
USS Princeton (CV-37)
USS Rendova (CVE-114)
USS Siboney (CVE-112)
USS Sicily (CVE-118)
USS Sitkoh Bay (CVE-86)
USS Tarawa (CV-40)
USS Tripoli (CVE-64)
USS Valley Forge (CV-45)
USS Wasp (CV-18)
USS Windham Bay (CVE-92)
USS Wright (CVL-49)
USS Yorktown (CV-10)

Amphibious Warfare Vessels

USS Achernar (AKA-53)
USS Algol (AKA-54)
USS Alshain (AKA-55)
USS Andromeda (AKA-15)
USS Begor (APD-127)
USS Bellatrix (AKA-3)
USS Cabildo (LSD-16)
USS Cassia County (LST-527)
USS Cayuga County (LST-529)
USS Chara (AKA-58)
USS Chittenden County (LST-561)
USS Clarion River (LSM(R)-409)
USS Clearwater County (LST-602)
USS Comstock (LSD-19)
USS Crook County (LST-611)
USS DeKalb County (LST-715)
USS Diachenko (APD-123)
USS Diphda (AKA-59)
USS Dukes County (LST-735)
USS Dunn County (LST-742)
USS Duval County (LST-758)
USS Eldorado (AGC-11)
USS Epping Forest (LSD-4)
USS Estes (AGC-12)
USS Floyd County (LST-762)
USS Ford County (LST-772)
USS Fort Marion (LSD-22)
USNS Geiger (T-AP-197)
USS George Clymer (APA-27)
USS Greer County (LST-799)
USS Gunston Hall (LSD-5)
USS Hamilton County (LST-802)
USS Hampden County (LST-803)
USS Hampshire County (LST-819)
USNS Harris County (T-LST-822)
USS Henrico (APA-45)
USS Hickman County (LST-825)
USS Hillsborough County (LST-827)
USS Holmes County (LST-836)
USS Horace A. Bass (APD-124)
USS Iron County (LST-840)
USS Jefferson County (LST-845)
USS Jennings County (LST-846)
USS Kemper County (LST-854)
USS Kent County (LST-855)
USS King County (LST-857)
USS Lafayette County (LST-859)
USS La Moure County (LST-883)
USS Latimer (APA-152)
USS Lawrence County (LST-887)
USS Leo (AKA-60)
USS Lincoln County (LST-898)
USS Lindenwald (LSD-6)
USS Litchfield County (LST-901)
USS Luzerne County (LST-902)
USS Magoffin (APA-199)
USS Mahoning County (LST-914)
USS Marion County (LST-975)
USS Montague (AKA-98)
USS Morgan County (LST-1048)
USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7/LCC-7)
USS Muliphen (AKA-61)
USS Oglethorpe (AKA-100)
USS Olmstead (APA-188)
USS Orange County (LST-1068)
USS Outagamie County (LST-1073)
USS Park County (LST-1077)
USS Pender County (LST-1080)
USS Pitkin County (LST-1082)
USS Plumas County (LST-1083)
USS President Jackson (APA-18)
USS St. Clair County (LST-1096)
USS Sanborn (APA-193)
USS Sandoval (APA-194)
USS Sedgwick County (LST-1123)
USS Seminole (AKA-104)
USS Skagit (AKA-105)
USS Skimmer (AMCU-41)
USS Sparrow (MHC 42)
USS St. Francis River (LSMR-525)
USS St. Joseph's River (LSM(R)-527)
USS Steuben County (LST-1138)
USS Summit County (LST-1146)
USS Thomas Jefferson (APA-30)
USS Thuban (AKA-19)
USS Titania (AKA-13)
USS Union (AKA-106)
USS Uvalde (AKA-88)
USS Virgo (AKA-20)
USS Wantuck (APD-125)
USS Warrick (AKA-89)
USS Washburn (AKA-108)
USS Weiss (APD-135)
USS Whiteside (AKA-90)
USS Winston (AKA-94)
USS Yancey (AKA-93)

Auxillary Ships

USS Abnaki (ATF-96)
USS Admiral W. L. Capps (AP-121)
USS Alstede (AF-48)
USS Aludra (AF-55)
USS Apache (ATF-67)
USS Arikara (ATF-98)
USS Ashtabula (AO-51)
USS Askari (ARL-30)
USS Bryce Canyon (AD-36)
USS Cacapon (AO-52)
USS Calvert (APA-32)
USS Cape Esperance (CVE-88)
USS Catalpa (AN-10)
USS Chemung (AO-30)
USS Chickasaw (AT-83)
USS Chikaskia (AO-54)
USS Chimon (AG-150)
USS Chourre (ARV-1)
USS Cimarron (AO-22)
USS Caliente (AO-53)
USS Conserver (ARS-39)
USS Consolation (AH-15)
USS Corson (AVP-37)
USS Current (ARS-22)
USNS David C. Shanks (T-AP-180)
USS Deal (AG-131)
USS Dixie (AD-14)
USS Elder (AN-20)
USS Electron (AG-146)
USS Elkhorn (AOG-7)
Empire State V
USS Estero (AG-134)
USS Etlah (AN-79)
USS Firedrake (AE-14)
USS Floyds Bay (AVP-40)
USNS Fred C. Ainsworth (T-AP-181)
USS Frederick Funston (APA-89)
USS Gardiners Bay (AVP-39)
USS General A. E. Anderson (AP-111)
USS General A. W. Brewster (AP-155)
USS General C. C. Ballou (AP-157)
USS General C. G. Morton (AP-138)
USS General C. H. Muir (AP-142)
USS General D. E. Aultman (AP-156)
USS General E. T. Collins (AP-147)
USS General George M. Randall (AP-115)
USS General H. B. Freeman (AP-143)
USS General H. F. Hodges (AP-144)
USS General H. W. Butner (AP-113)
USS General J. C. Breckinridge (AP-176)
USS General John Pope (AP-110)
USS General LeRoy Eltinge (AP-154)
USS General M. B. Stewart (AP-140)
USS General M. C. Meigs (AP-116)
USS General M. L. Hersey (AP-148)
USS General M. M. Patrick (AP-150)
USNS General H. H. Arnold (T-AGM-9)
USS General R. L. Howze (AP-134)
USS General R. M. Blatchford (AP-153)
USS General S. D. Sturgis (AP-137)
USS General Stuart Heintzelman (AP-159)
USS General W. A. Mann (AP-112)
USS General W. C. Langfitt (AP-151)
USS General W. F. Hase (AP-146)
USS General W. H. Gordon (AP-117)
USS General W. M. Black (AP-135)
USS General W. P. Richardson (AP-118)
USS General William Mitchell (AP-114)
USS General William Weigel (AP-119)
USS Genesee (AOG-8)
USS Graffias (AF-29)
USS Grainger (AK-184)
USNS Greenville Victory (T-AK-237)
USS Guadalupe (AO-32)
USS Gypsy (ARS(D)-1)
USS Hamul (AD-20)
USS Haven (AH-12)
USS Hennepin (AK-187)
USNS Henry Gibbins (T-AP-183)
USS Herkimer (AK-188)
USS Hewell (AG-145)
USS James O'Hara (APA-90)
USS Jason (AR-8)
USS Karin (AF-33)
USS Kaskaskia (AO-27)
USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14)
USS Keosanqua (ATA-198)
USS Kern (AOG-2)
USS Kishwaukee (AOG-9)
USS Laertes (AR-20)
USS League Island (AG-149)
USNS Lt. George W. G. Boyce (T-AK-251)
USNS Lt. Robert Craig (T-AK-252)
USS Manatee (AO-58)
USNS Marine Adder (T-AP-193)
USS Markab (AD-21)
USS Mascoma (AO-83)
USS Mataco (AT-86)
USS Mender (ARS(D)-2)
USS Merapi (AF-38)
USS Millicoma (AO-73)
USS Mispillion (AO-105)
USNS Mission Los Angeles
USS Mount Baker (AE-4)
USS Mount Katmai (AE-16)
USS Mulberry (AN-27)
USS Muskingum (AK-198)
USS Natchaug (AOG-54)
USS Navasota (AO-106)
USS Nemasket (AOG-10)
USS Onslow (AVP-48)
USS Opportune (ARS-41)
USS Paricutin (AE-18)
USS Pasig (AW-3)
USS Passumpsic (AO-107)
USS Patapsco (AOG-1)
USS Pictor (AF-54)
USS Piedmont (AD-17)
USS Platte (AO-24)
USS Polaris (AF-11)
USS Prairie (AD-15)
USS Proton (AG-147)
USS Rainier (AE-5)
USS Reclaimer (ARS-42)
USS Repose (AH-16)
USNS Rincon (T-AOG-77)
USS Rio Grande (AOG-3)
USS Romulus (ARL-22)
USS Ryer (AG-138)
USS Saranac (AO-74)
USS Sarsi (ATF-111)
USS Satyr (ARL-23)
USS Severn (AO-61)
USNS Sgt. Andrew Miller (T-AK-242)
USNS Sgt. Archer T. Gammon (T-AK-243)
USNS Sgt. George D Keathley (T-APC-117)
USNS Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton (T-AKV-5)
USNS Sgt. Joseph E. Muller (T-AG-171)
USNS Sgt. Morris E. Crain (T-AK-244)
USNS Sgt. Truman Kimbro (T-AK-254)
USS Sharps (AG-139)
USNS Short Splice (T-AK-249)
USS Sphinx (ARL-24)
USS Suamico (AO-49)
USS Suisun (AVP-53)
USS Susquehanna (AOG-5)
USS Sussex (AK-213)
USS Tallulah (AO-50)
USS Taluga (AO-62)
USS Tensaw (YTM-418)
USS Tolovana (AO-64)
USS Tombigbee (AOG-11)
USS Tripoli (CVE-64)
USS Vesuvius (AE-15)
USS Wabash (AOG-4)
USS Wacissa (AOG-59)
USS Wallacut (YTM-420)
USS Whidbey (AG-141)
USS Windham Bay (CVE-92)
USS Yazoo (AN-92)
USS Yuma (AT-94)
USS Zelima (AF-49)

USS Iowa (BB-61)
USS Missouri (BB-63)
USS New Jersey (BB-62)
USS Wisconsin (BB-64)


USS Biloxi (CL-80)
USS Bremerton (CA-130)
USS Canberra (CA-70)
USS Columbus (CA-74)
USS Helena (CA-75)
USS Juneau (CL-119)
USS Los Angeles (CA-135)
USS Manchester (CL-83)
USS Pittsburgh (CA-72)
USS Quincy (CA-71)
USS Rochester (CA-124)
USS Saint Paul (CA-73)
USS Toledo (CA-133)
USS Worcester (CL-144)


USS Abbot (DD-629)
USS Agerholm (DD-829)
USS Alfred A. Cunningham (DD-752)
USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)
USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869)
USS Barton (DD-722)
USS Bausell (845)
USS Beatty (DD-756)
USS Black (DD-666)
USS Blue (DD-744)
USS Borie (DD-704)
USS Boyd (DD-544)
USS Bradford (DD-545)
USS Brinkley Bass
USS Bristol (DD-857)
USS Brush (DD-745)
USS Buck (DD-761)
USS Caperton (DD-650)
USS Carmick (DD-493)
USS Carpenter (DD-825)
USS Champlain (DD-601)
USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697)
USS Chauncey (DD-667)
USS Clarence K. Bronson (DD-668)
USS Colahan (DD-658)
USS Collett (DD-730)
USS Conway (DD-507)
USS Cony (DD-508)
USS Corry (DD-817)
USS Cowell (DD-547)
USS Cushing (DD-797)
USS Daly (DD-519)
USS Dashiell (DD-659)
USS De Haven (DD-727)
USS Dortch (DD-670)
USS Douglas H. Fox (DD-779)
USS Doyle (DMS-34)
USS Duncan (DD-874)
USS Endicott (DD-495)
USS English (DD-696)
USS Epperson (DD-719)
USS Erben (DD-631)
USS Ernest G. Small (DD-838)
USS Eversole (DD-789)
USS Fechteler (DD-870)
USS Fiske (DD-842)
USS Fletcher (DD-445)
USS Floyd B. Parks (DD-884)
USS Forrest Royal (DD-872)
USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754)
USS Frank Knox (DD-742)
USS Fred T. Berry (DD-858)
USS Gatling (DD-671)
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836)
USS Gregory (DD-802)
USS Gurke (DD-783)
USS Hailey (DD-556)
USS Hale (DD-642)
USS Halsey Powell (DD-686)
USS Hamner (DD-718)
USS Hancock (DD-675)
USS Hank (DD-702)
USS Hanson (DD-832)
USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD-748)
USS Hawkins (DD-873)
USS Healy (DD-672)
USS Henderson (DD-785)
USS Henley (DD-762)
USS Herbert J. Thomas (DD-833)
USS Hickox (DD-673)
USS Hollister (DD-788)
USS Hopewell (DD-681)
USS Hyman (DD-732)
USS Ingersoll (DD-652)
USS Ingraham (DD-694)
USS Irwin (DD-794)
USS James C. Owens (DD-776)
USS James E. Kyes (DD-787)
USS Jarvis (DD-799)
USS Jenkins (DD-447)
USS John A. Bole (DD-755)
USS John Hood (DD-655)
USS John R. Craig (DD-885)
USS John R. Pierce (DD-753)
USS John W. Thomason (DD-760)
USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (DD-850)
USS Keppler (DD-765)
USS Kidd (DD-661)
USS Kimberly (DD-521)
USS Laffey (DD-724)
USS Laws (DD-558)
USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852)
USS Lewis Hancock (DD-675)
USS Lofberg (DD-759)
USS Lowry (DD-770)
USS Lyman K. Swenson (DD-729)
USS Maddox (DD-731)
USS Mansfield (DD-728)
USS Marshall (DD-676)
USS Massey (DD-778)
USS McCaffery (DD-860)
USS McCord (DD-534)
USS McDermut (DD-677)
USS McGowan (DD-678)
USS McKean (DD-784)
USS McNair (DD-679)
USS Miller (DD-535)
USS Moale (DD-693)
USS Nicholas (DD-449)
USS Norris (DD-859)
USS O'Bannon (DD-450)
USS O'Brien (DD-725)
USS Orleck (DD-886)
USS Owen (DD-536)
USS Ozbourn (DD-846)
USS Philip (DD-498)
USS Picking (DD-685)
USS Porter (DD-800)
USS Porterfield (DD-682)
USS Preston (DD-795)
USS Prichett (DD-561)
USS Purdy (DD-734)
USS Radford (DD-446)
USS Remey (DD-688)
USS Renshaw (DD-499)
USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-786)
USS Robert K. Huntington (DD-781)
USS Robinson (DD-562)
USS Rooks (DD-804)
USS Rowan (DD-782)
USS Rupertus (DD-851)
USS Samuel M. Moore (DD-747)
USS Shelton (DD-790)
USS Shields (DD-596)
USS Sigourney (DD-643)
USS Smalley (DD-565)
USS Soley (DD-707)
USS Sproston (DD-577)
USS Stembel (DD-644)
USS Stephen Potter (DD-538)
USS Stickell (DD-888)
USS Stockham (DD-683)
USS Stormes (DD-780)
USS Strong (DD-758)
USS The Sullivans (DD-537)
USS Taussig (DD-746)
USS Taylor (DD-468)
USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717)
USS Thompson (DD-627)
USS Tingey (DD-539)
USS Trathen (DD-530)
USS Twining (DD-540)
USS Uhlmann (DD-687)
USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656)
USS Waldron (DD-699)
USS Walke (DD-723)
USS Walker (DD-517)
USS Wallace L. Lind (DD-703)
USS Waller (DD-466)
USS Watts (DD-567)
USS Wedderburn (DD-684)
USS Wilkinson (DS-930)
USS William R. Rush (DD-714)
USS Wiltsie (DD-716)
USS Yarnall (DD-541)
USS Zellars (DD-777)

Destroyer Escort

USS Blair (DE-147)
USS Charles Berry (DE-1035)
USS Darby (DE-218)
USS Douglas A Munro (DE-422)
USS Foss (DE-59)
USS Hanna (DE-449)
USS Howard (DE-462)
USS Lewis (DE-535)
USS McCoy Reynolds (DE-440)
USS McMorris (DE-1036)
USS Naifeh (DE-352)
USS Whitehurst (DE-634)
USS William Seiverling (DE-441)
USS Wiseman (DE-667)

Destroyer Radar Picket

USS Chevalier (DDR-805)
USS Henry W. Tucker (DDR-875)
USS Higbee (DDR-806)
USS Perkins (DDR-877)
USS Rogers (DDR-876)
USS Southerland (DDR-743)

Flagship Fleet

USS Eldorado (AGC-11)
USS Estes (AGC-12)
USS Mt McKinley (AGC-7)
USS Pocono (AGC-16)
USS Taconic (AGC-17)

Fleet Oiler

USS Ashtabula (AO-51)
USS Aucilla (AO-56)
USS Cacapon (AO-52)
USS Chikaskia (AO-54)
USS Cimarron (AO-22)
USS Guadalupe (AO-32)
USS Kankakee (AO-39)
USS Mispillion (AO-105)
USS Navasota (AO-106)
USS Nemasket (AOG-10)
USS Passumpsic (AO-107)
USS Patapsco (AOG-1)
USS Platte (AO-24)
USS Taluga (AO-62)
USS Tolovana (AO-64)


USS Albuquerque (PF-7)
USS Bayonne (PF-21)
USS Bisbee (PF-46)
USS Burlington (PF-51)
USS Evansville (PF-70)
USS Everett (PF-8)
USS Foss (DE-59)
USS Gallup (PF-47)
USS Glendale (PF-36)
USS Gloucester (PF-22)
USS Groton (PF-29)
USS Hoquiam (PF-5)
USS Laning (DE-159)
USS McCoy Reynolds (DE-440)
USS Newport (PF-27)
USS Sausalito (PF-4)
USS Tacoma (PF-3)


USS Consolation (AH-15)
USS Haven (AH-12)
USS Hope (AH-7)
USS Repose (AH-16)

Landing Ship


Landing Ship Dock

USS Cabildo (LSD-16)
USS Colonial (LSD-18)
USS Comstock (LSD-19)
USS Fort Marion (LSD-22)
USS Gunston Hall (LSD-5)
USS Catamount (LSD-17)
USS Tortuga (LSD-26)
USS Whetstone (LSD-27)

Landing Ship Medium


Landing Ship Rocket

LSMR-412 Rocket Launcher
LSMR-536 White River

Landing Ship Tank

LST-1032 (not serve in Korea)
LST-1048 Morgan County
LST-1073 Outagamie County
LST-1077 Park County
LST-1081 Pima County
LST-1082 Pitkin County
LST-1083 Plumas County
LST-1084 Polk County
LST-1101 Saline County
LST-1102 Chimon (AKS-31)
LST-1123 Sedgwick County
LST-1134 Stark County
LST-1148 Sumner County
LST- 391
LST-799 Greer County
LST-802 Hamilton County
LST-819 Hampshire County
LST-822 Harris County
LST-825 Hickman County
LST-845 Jefferson County
LST-859 Lafayette County
LST-898 Lincoln County
LST-914 Mahoning County
LST-973 Trapp
LST-975 Marion County
LST-1080 Pender County

Military Ship Transport

USS General E.T. Collins (AP-147)


USS Carmick (DMS-33)
USS Chatterer (AMS-40)
USS Chief (AM-315)
USS Competent (AM-316)
USS Condor (AMS-5)
USS Curlew (AMS-8)
USS Defense (AM-317)
USS Devastator (AM-318)
USS Dextrous (AM-341)
USS Doyle (DMS-34)
USS Ellyson (DMS-19)
USS Endicott (DMS-35)
USS Firecrest (AMS-10)
USS Fitch (DMS-25)
USS Gladiator (AM-319)
USS Grosbeak (AMS-14)
USS Gull (AMS-16)
USS Gwin (DM-33)
USS Hambleton (DMS-20)
USS Harry M Bauer (DM-26)
USS Heron (AMS-18)
USS Hobson (DMS-26)
USS Hornbill (AMS-19)
USS Hummer (AMS-20)
USS Impeccable (AM-320)
USS Incredible (AM-249)
USS Jubilant (AM-255
USS Kite (AMS-22)
USS Lark (AMS-23)
USS Linnet (AMS-24)
USS Macomb (DMS-23)
USS Magpie (AMS-25)
USS Mainstay (AM-261)
USS Merganser (AMS-26)
USS Minah (AMC-204)
USS Mockingbird (AMS-27)
USS Murrelet (AM-372)
USS Osprey (AMS-28)
USS Partridge (AMS-31)
USS Pelican (AMS-32)
USS Pigeon (AM-374)
USS Pirate (AM-275)
USS Pledge (AM-277)
USS Plover (AMS-33)
USS Ptarmigan (AM-376)
USS Redhead (AMS-34)
USS Redstart (AM-378)
USS Rodman (DMS-21)
USS Ruddy (AM-380)
USS Sage (AM-111)
USS Seagull (AMS-55)
USS Seer (AM-112)
USS Shea (DM-30)
USS Shoveler (AM-382)
USS Strive (AM-117)
USS Surfbird (AM-383)
USS Sustain (AM-119)
USS Swallow (AMS-36)
USS Swan (AMS-37)
USS Swift (AM-122)
USS Symbol (AM-123)
USS Thomas E. Fraser (DM-24)
USS Thompson (DMS-38)
USS Toucan (AM-387)
USS Tumult (AM-127)
USS Waxbill (MHC-50)
USS Waxwing (AM-389)
USS Zeal (AM-131)


USS Besugo (SS-321)
USS Blenny (SS-324)
USS Bugara (SS-331)
USS Carp (SS-338)
USS Catfish (SS-339)
USS Charr (SS-328)
USS Greenfish (SS-351)
USS Menhaden (SS-377)
USS Perch (SS-313)
USS Pickerel (SS-524)
USS Pomfret (SS-391)
USS Pomodon (SS-486)
USS Redfish (SS-395)
USS Remora (SS-487)
USS Sea Devil (SS-400)
USS Sea Fox (SS-402)
USS Segundo (SS-398)
USS Tilefish (SS-307)
USS Tiru (SS-416)
USS Volador (SS-490)

Marine Corps

AD-1 Skyraider
AD-4 Skyraider
AU-1 Corsair
Battle for Outpost Vegas
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog
DEV Charlie Marine Air Support Radar Team
F2H Banshee
F3D Skynight
F4U Corsair
F7F Tigercat
F9F Panther
Jamestown Line
Kanmubong Ridge
Sergeant Reckless
Stinson L-5 Sentinel
TBF Avenger
Yoke Ridge

1st Air Delivery Squadron
1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion
1st Combat Service Group
1st Engineer Battalion
1st Marine Air Wing
1st Marine Division
1st Marine Provisional Brigade
1st Marine Regiment
1st Medical Battalion
1st Military Police Company
1st Motor Transport Battalion
1st Ordinance Battalion
1st Provisional Marine Brigade
1st Reconnaissance Company
1st Service Battalion
1st Shore Party Battalion
1st Signal Battalion
1st Tank Battalion
3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
5th Marine Regiment
7th Marine Regiment
7th Motor Transport Battalion
11th Marine Regiment
6511th Air Observation