Research a KIA WWI Veteran

We offer access to WWI burial files which are maintained at the U.S. National Archives. WWI burial files are an important tool for researching WWI veterans who were killed or who died in the service during the Great War. This is especially true since the vast majority of WWI military service records were destroyed in the 1973 fire. WWI burial files were not involved in the fire and thus offer the exciting opportunity to reconstruct portions of the WWI veteran's service history. When a veteran was killed or died in the service during WWI a burial case file was created to preserve a record of the burial location and disposition of his remains. The creation of the WWI burial file often generated paperwork describing how the veteran died (sometimes there are actual eye witness accounts in the WWI burial file indicating how the WWI veteran was killed). Additionally, during the creation of the WWI burial file there was often written correspondence between the family of the deceased veteran and the military, and these original documents were placed in the WWI burial file. The WWI burial file is an essential record for anyone conducting research of a WWI veteran who died in the service and it can provide a wealth of information to genealogical researchers.

The process

Our WWI research specialists are on site at U.S. National Archives research facilities. We will locate your veteran's WWI burial file and scan the complete WWI burial file page by page. We digitally scan all WWI burial case files so that you can view the original burial file exactly as it appears in its original form. When have your veteran's complete WWI burial file scanned we will send an invoice to your email address. You can pay the invoice using a credit/debit card or Paypal if you prefer. Once the invoice is paid we will send the complete, scanned WWI burial case file right to your email address. 

How much do WWI burial files cost?

WWI burial files under 40 pages in length are $50. 

WWI burial files over 40 pages in length are $75. 

WWI burial files over 125 pages are $100.

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1st Infantry Division 
1st Brigade Infantry 
16th Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry Regiment
2nd Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Brigade Infantry 
26th Infantry Regiment
28th Infantry Regiment
3rd Machine Gun Battalion
1st Brigade Field Artillery
5th Field Artillery
6th Field Artillery
7th Field Artillery
1st Trench Mortar Battery
1st Engineer Regiment
2nd Signal Battalion
1st Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Division (U.S.M.C)
3rd Brigade Infantry 
9th Infantry Regiment
23rd Infantry Regiment
5th Machine Gun Battalion
4th Brigade Infantry (Marines) - 
5th Marine Corps Infantry Regiment 
6th Marine Corps Infantry Regiment 
6th Marine Corps Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Brigade Field Artillery 
12th Regiment Field Artillery
15th Regiment Field Artillery
17th Regiment Field Artillery
2nd Trench Mortar Battery
2nd Engineer Regiments
1st Engineer Battalion
2nd Division Headquarters Troop
4th Machine Gun Battalion
26th Division 
51st Brigade Infantry 
101st Infantry Regiment
102nd Infantry Regiment
102nd Machine Gun Battalion
52nd Brigade Infantry 
103rd Infantry Regiment
104th Infantry Regiment
103d Machine Gun Battalion
51st Brigade Field Artillery 
101st Field Artillery Regiment
102nd Field Artillery Regiment
103rd Field Artillery Regiment
101st Trench Mortar Battery
101st Engineer Regiment
101st Signal Field Battalion
26th Division Headquarters Troop
101st Machine Gun Battalion
32nd Division 
63rd Brigade Infantry 
125th Infantry Regiment
126th Infantry Regiment
120th Machine Gun Battalion
64th Brigade Infantry 
127th Infantry Regiment
128th Infantry Regiment
121st Machine Gun Battalion
57th Brigade Field Artillery 
119th Field Artillery Regiment
120th Field Artillery Regiment
121st Field Artillery Regiment
107th Trench Mortar Battery
107th Eingneer Regiment
107th Signal Battalion
32nd Division Headquarters Troops
119th Machine Gun Battalion.
41st Division (Sunset) 
81st Brigade, Infantry 
161st Infantry Regiment
162nd Infantry Regiment
147th Machine Gun Battalion
82nd Brigade Infantry 
163rd Infantry Regiment
164th Infantry Regiment
148th Machine Gun Battalion
66th Brigade Field Artillery
146th Regiment Field Artillery
147th Regiment Field Artillery
148th Regiment Field Artillery
116th Trench Mortar Battery
116th Engineer Regiment
116th Signal Battalion
41st Division Headquarters Troop
146th Machine Gun Battalion
42nd Division (Rainbow)
83rd Brigade Infantry 
165th Infantry Regiment
166th Infantry Regiment
150th Machine Gun Battalion
84th Brigade, Infantry 
167th Infantry Regiment
168th Infantry Regiment
151st Machine Gun Battalion
67th Brigade Field Artillery 
149th Field Artillery Regiment
150th Field Artillery Regiment
151st Field Artillery Regiment
117th Trench Mortar Battery
117th Engineer Regiment
117th Field Signal Battalion
42nd Division Headquarters Troop
149th Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Army Corps
4th Infantry Division 
7th Brigade Infantry 
39th Infantry Regiment
47th Infantry Regiment
11th Machine Gun Battalion
8th Brigade Infantry 
58th Infantry Regiment
59th Infantry Regiment
12th Machine Gun Battalion
4th Brigade Field Artillery 
13th Field Artillery Regiment
16th Field Artillery Regiment
77th Field Artillery Regiment
4th Trench Mortar Battery
8th Engineer Battalion
8th Signal Battalion
4th Infantry Division Headquarters Troop
10th Machine Gun Battalion
28th Division 
55th Brigade Infantry 
109th Infantry Regiment
110th Infantry Regiment
108th Machine Gun Battalion
56th Brigade Infantry 
111th Infantry Regiment
112th Infantry Regiment
109th Machine Gun Battalion
53rd Brigade Field Artillery 
107th Field Artillery Regiment
108th Field Artillery Regiment
109th Field Artillery Regiment
103rd Trench Mortar Battery
103rd Engineer Regiment
103rd Signal Battalion
28th Division Headquarters Troop
107th Machine Gun Battalion
30th Division (Wild Cat)
59th Brigade, Infantry 
117th Infantry Regiment
118th Infantry Regiment
114th Machine Gun Battalion
60th Brigade, Infantry 
119th Infantry Regiment
120th Infantry Regiment
115th Machine Gun Battalion
55th Brigade Field Artillery 
113th Field Artillery Regiment
114th Field Artillery Regiment
115th Field Artillery Regiment
105th Trench Mortar Battery
105th Engineer Regiment
105th Signal Battalion
30th Division Headquarters Troop
113th Machine Gun Battalion
35th Division
69th Brigade, Infantry 
137th Infantry Regiment
138th Infantry Regiment
129th Machine Gun Battalion
70th Brigade Infantry 
139th Infantry Regiment
140th Infantry Regiment
130th Machine Gun Battalion
60th Brigade Field Artillery 
128th Field Artillery Regiment
129th Field Artillery Regiment
130th Field Artillery Regiment
110th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer Troops 110th Regiment
Signal Troops 110th Battalion
35th Division Headquarters Troop
128th Machine Gun Battalion
77th Division 
153rd Brigade Infantry 
305th Infantry Regiment
306th Infantry Regiment
305th Machine Gun Battalion
154th Brigade Infantry 
307th Infantry Regiment
308th Infantry Regiment
306th Machine Gun Battalion
152nd Brigade, Field Artillery 
304th Field Artillery Regiment
305th Field Artillery Regiment
306th Field Artillery Regiment
302nd Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer302d Regiment
Signal 302d Battalion
77th Division Headquarters Troop
304th Machine Gun Battalion
82nd Infantry Division
163rd Brigade Infantry 
325th Infantry Regiment
326th Infantry Regiment
320th Machine Gun Battalion
164th Brigade Infantry 
327th Infantry Regiment
328th Infantry Regiment
321st Machine Gun Battalion
157th Brigade, Field Artillery 
319th Field Artillery Regiment
320th Field Artillery Regiment
321st Field Artillery Regiment
307th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 307th Regiment
Signal 307th Battalion
319th Machine Gun Battalion
3rd Army Corps
3rd Division
5th Brigade Infantry 
4th Infantry Regiment
7th Infantry Regiment
8th Machine Gun Battalion
8th Brigade Infantry
30th Infantry Regiment
38th Infantry Regiment
9th Machine Gun Battalion
3rd Brigade, Field Artillery 
10th Field Artillery Regiment
76th Field Artillery Regiment
18th Field Artillery Regiment
3rd Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 6th Regiment
Signal5th Battalion
3rd Division Headquarters Troop
7th Machine Gun Battalion
5th Division
9th Brigade Infantry 
60th Infantry Regiment
61st Infantry Regiment
14th Machine Gun Battalion
10th Brigade Infantry 
6th Infantry Regiment
11th Infantry Regiment
15th Machine Gun Battalion
5th Brigade Field Artillery 
19th Field Artillery Regiment
20th Field Artillery Regiment
21st Field Artillery Regiment
5th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 7th Regiment
Signal 9th Battalion
5th Division Headquarters Troop
13th Machine Gun Battalion
27th Division
53rd Brigade Infantry 
105th Infantry Regiment
106th Infantry Regiment
105th Machine Gun Battalion
54th Brigade Infantry 
107th Infantry Regiment
108th Infantry Regiment
106th Machine Gun Battalion
52nd Brigade, Field Artillery 
104th Field Artillery Regiment
105th Field Artillery Regiment
106th Field Artillery Regiment
102nd Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 102d Regiment
Signal 102d Battalion
27th Division Headquarters Troop
104th Machine Gun Battalion
33rd Division
65th Brigade Infantry 
129th Infantry Regiment
130th Infantry Regiment
123rd Machine Gun Battalion
66th Brigade Infantry 
131st Infantry Regiment
132nd Infantry Regiment
124th Machine Gun Battalion
58th Brigade, Field Artillery 
122nd Field Artillery Regiment
123rd Field Artillery Regiment
124th Field Artillery Regiment
108th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 108th Regiment
Signal 108th Battalion
33rd Division Headquarters Troop
112th Machine Gun Battalion
78th Division
155th Brigade Infantry 
309th Infantry Regiment
310th Infantry Regiment
308th Machine Gun Battalion
156th Brigade Infantry 
311th Infantry Regiment
312th Infantry Regiment
309th Machine Gun Battalion
153rd Brigade, Field Artillery 
307th Field Artillery Regiment
308th Field Artillery Regiment
309th Field Artillery Regiment
303rd Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 303d Regiment
Signal 303d Battalion
78th Division Headquarters Troop
307th Machine Gun Battalion
80th Division
159th Brigade Infantry 
317th Infantry Regiment
318th Infantry Regiment
315th Machine Gun Battalion
160th Brigade Infantry 
319th Infantry Regiment
320th Infantry Regiment
315th Machine Gun Battalion
155th Brigade, Field Artillery 
313rd Field Artillery Regiment
314th Field Artillery Regiment
315th Field Artillery Regiment
305th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 305th Regiment
Signal 305th Battalion
80th Division Headquarters Troop
313th Machine Gun Battalion
4th Army Corps
29th Infantry Division
57th Brigade Infantry 
113th Infantry Regiment
114th Infantry Regiment
111th Machine Gun Battalion
58th Brigade Infantry 
115th Infantry Regiment
116th Infantry Regiment
12th Machine Gun Battalion
54th Brigade, Field Artillery 
110th Field Artillery Regiment
111th Field Artillery Regiment
112th Field Artillery Regiment
104th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 104th Regiment
Signal 104th Battalion
29th Division Headquarters Troop
110th Machine Gun Battalion
37th Division
73rd Brigade Infantry 
145th Infantry Regiment
146th Infantry Regiment
135th Machine Gun Battalion
74th Brigade Infantry 
147th Infantry Regiment
148th Infantry Regiment
136th Machine Gun Battalion
62nd Brigade, Field Artillery 
134th Field Artillery Regiment
135th Field Artillery Regiment
136th Field Artillery Regiment
112th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 112th Regiment
Signal 112th Battalion
37th Division Headquarters Troop
134th Machine Gun Battalion
83rd Division
165th Brigade Infantry 
329th Infantry Regiment
330th Infantry Regiment
323rd Machine Gun Battalion
166th Brigade Infantry 
331st Infantry Regiment
332nd Infantry Regiment
324th Machine Gun Battalion
158th Brigade, Field Artillery 
322nd Field Artillery Regiment
323rd Field Artillery Regiment
324th Field Artillery Regiment
308th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 308th Regiment
Signal 308th Battalion
83rdth Division Headquarters Troop
332nd Machine Gun Battalion
89th Division
177th Brigade Infantry 
353rd Infantry Regiment
354th Infantry Regiment
341st Machine Gun Battalion
178th Brigade Infantry 
355th Infantry Regiment
356th Infantry Regiment
342nd Machine Gun Battalion
164th Brigade, Field Artillery 
340th Field Artillery Regiment
341st Field Artillery Regiment
342nd Field Artillery Regiment
314th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 314th Regiment
Signal 314th Battalion
89th Division Headquarters Troop
340th Machine Gun Battalion
90th Division
179th Brigade Infantry 
357th Infantry Regiment
358th Infantry Regiment
344th Machine Gun Battalion
180th Brigade Infantry 
359th Infantry Regiment
360th Infantry Regiment
345th Machine Gun Battalion
165th Brigade, Field Artillery 
343rd Field Artillery Regiment
344th Field Artillery Regiment
345th Field Artillery Regiment
315th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 315th Regiment
Signal 315th Battalion
90th Division Headquarters Troop
349th Machine Gun Battalion
92nd Division
183rd Brigade Infantry 
365th Infantry Regiment
366th Infantry Regiment
350th Machine Gun Battalion
184th Brigade Infantry 
367th Infantry Regiment
368th Infantry Regiment
351st Machine Gun Battalion
167th Brigade, Field Artillery.
349th Field Artillery Regiment
350th Field Artillery Regiment
351st Field Artillery Regiment
317th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 317th Regiment
Signal 317th Battalion
92nd Division Headquarters Troop
349th Machine Gun Battalion
5th Army Corps
6th Division

11th Brigade Infantry 
51st Infantry Regiment
52nd Infantry Regiment
17th Machine Gun Battalion
12th Brigade Infantry 
53rd Infantry Regiment
54th Infantry Regiment
18th Machine Gun Battalion
6th Brigade, Field Artillery 
3rd Field Artillery Regiment
11th Field Artillery Regiment
78th Field Artillery Regiment
6th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 318th Regiment
Signal 6th Battalion
6th Division Headquarters Troop
16th Machine Gun Battalion
36th Division
71st Brigade Infantry 
141st Infantry Regiment
142nd Infantry Regiment
133rd Machine Gun Battalion
72nd Brigade Infantry 143rd Infantry Regiment
144th Infantry Regiment
133rd Machine Gun Battalion
61st Brigade, Field Artillery 
131st Field Artillery Regiment
132nd Field Artillery Regiment
133rd Field Artillery Regiment
111th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 111th Regiment
Signal 111th Battalion
36th Division Headquarters Troop
131st Machine Gun Battalion
76th Division
151st Brigade Infantry 
301st Infantry Regiment
302d Infantry Regiment
302d Machine Gun Battalion
152nd Brigade Infantry 
303rd Infantry Regiment
304th Infantry Regiment
303rd Machine Gun Battalion
151st Brigade, Field Artillery 
301st Field Artillery Regiment
302nd Field Artillery Regiment
303rd Field Artillery Regiment
301st Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 301st Regiment
Signal 301st Battalion
76th Division Headquarters Troop
301st Machine Gun Battalion
79th Division
157th Brigade Infantry 
313th Infantry Regiment
314th Infantry Regiment
311th Machine Gun Battalion
158th Brigade Infantry -
315th Infantry Regiment
316th Infantry Regiment
312th Machine Gun Battalion
154th Brigade, Field Artillery 
310th Field Artillery Regiment
311th Field Artillery Regiment
312th Field Artillery Regiment
304th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 304th Regiment
Signal 304th Battalion
79th Division Headquarters Troop
310th Machine Gun Battalion
85th Division
169th Brigade Infantry 
337th Infantry Regiment
338th Infantry Regiment
329th Machine Gun Battalion
170th Brigade Infantry -
339th Infantry Regiment
340th Infantry Regiment
330th Machine Gun Battalion
160th Brigade, Field Artillery 
328th Field Artillery Regiment
329th Field Artillery Regiment
330th Field Artillery Regiment
310th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 310th Regiment
Signal 310th Battalion
85th Division Headquarters Troop
328th Machine Gun Battalion
91st Division
181st Brigade Infantry 
361st Infantry Regiment
362nd Infantry Regiment
347th Machine Gun Battalion
182nd Brigade Infantry 
363rd Infantry Regiment
364th Infantry Regiment
348th Machine Gun Battalion
166th Brigade, Field Artillery 
346th Field Artillery Regiment
347th Field Artillery Regiment
348th Field Artillery Regiment
316th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 316th Regiment
Signal 316th Battalion
91st Division Headquarters Troop
346th Machine Gun Battalion
81st Division
161st Brigade Infantry 
321st Infantry Regiment
322nd Infantry Regiment
317th Machine Gun Battalion
162nd Brigade Infantry 
323rd Infantry Regiment
324th Infantry Regiment
318th Machine Gun Battalion
156th Brigade, Field 
316th Field Artillery Regiment
317th Field Artillery Regiment
318th Field Artillery Regiment
306th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 306th Regiment
Signal 306th Battalion
81st Division Headquarters Troop
306th Machine Gun Battalion
93rd Division
185th Brigade Infantry 
369th Infantry Regiment
370th Infantry Regiment
333rd Machine Gun Battalion
186th Brigade Infantry 
371st Infantry Regiment
372nd Infantry Regiment
334th Machine Gun Battalion
168th Brigade, Field Artillery 
332nd Field Artillery Regiment
333rd Field Artillery Regiment
334th Field Artillery Regiment
318th Trench Mortar Battery
Engineer 318th Regiment
Signal 318th Battalion
332nd Machine Gun Battalion
Third Battle of the Aisne
Battle of Ambos Nogales
Battle of Amiens 
Battle of Belleau Wood
Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge
Battle of Cambrai 
Battle of Cantigny
Battle of Ch√Ęteau-Thierry 
Battle of Hamel
Advance to the Hindenburg Line
Hundred Days Offensive
Lost Battalion
Battle of the Lys 
Second Battle of the Marne
Battle of Matz
Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Operation Michael
Battle of the Mountain of Reims
Rouge Bouquet
Battle of St Quentin Canal
Battle of Saint-Mihiel
Battle of the Sambre 
Battle of Soissons 
Second Battle of the Somme 
Spring Offensive
WWI Spring Offensive
Battle of Tardenois
Battle of Vittorio Veneto