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We offer access to the military service records of Vietnam veterans from all branches of the U.S. Military. Our expert military research specialists are on site at the U.S. National Archives research facility where your Vietnam veteran's military service records are maintained. We can have most Vietnam military service records ready within a few weeks. We start processing your request the minute your order is placed. Let us put our experience to work for you so that you can trace the steps of your Vietnam veteran. 

What information is found inside Vietnam military service records?

Most Vietnam era military service records contain 50 to 150 pages of records detailing the military career of the individual Vietnam veteran. Many Vietnam military service records also contain a photo of the Vietnam veteran which we copy when available. Vietnam era military service records contain the following types of information: Units, ranks, duties, ships, stations, awards, medals, commendations, transfers, detached service, discharge or separation documents, training, medical records, citations, qualifications, battle participation, disciplinary action, enlistment records and much more. 

How much do Vietnam military service records cost?

A Vietnam service record under 40 pages in length is $75. Vietnam service records over 40 pages in length are $100.

Vietnam Mortuary Files/KIA Research

Vietnam mortuary files are $50 per file. The mortuary files are separate files from the military service records. Vietnam mortuary files show exactly how the Vietnam veteran died or was killed in action. Vietnam mortuary files are scanned digitally so that you can see your veteran's documents exactly as they appear in their original form. Click on a file below to view a sample of Vietnam Mortuary File:

Merchant VN mortuary file.pdf Merchant VN mortuary file.pdf
Size : 3755.003 Kb
Type : pdf
Wilson Frank L VN mortuary.pdf Wilson Frank L VN mortuary.pdf
Size : 2687.9 Kb
Type : pdf

The ordering process

We locate your Vietnam veteran's military service record on site at the National Archives where it is held. Once the record has been copied and scanned we will send an invoice to your email address. You can pay the invoice using a credit/debit card or Paypal if you prefer. Payment is due at the time the invoice arrives in your email inbox. Once the invoice is paid the scanned copies will be sent right to your email address. Our service is simple, fast and convenient. Please fill out an order form below to request the military service records of your Vietnam veteran. 

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